Interactive experiences. Real results.

Smelling a new perfume, tasting a different coffee blend, touching a luxurious textile sample: multisensory interaction sells products and services.

And that’s where activations drive awareness.

At Big Bold Thinkers we cut through the clutter and disrupt the norm to create brand activations that excite, inspire, delight and surprise.

From mall pop-ups and in-store sampling to experiential events, product roadshows and community engagement, we create opportunities to influence behaviour, enhance brand credibility, foster loyalty and boost bottom line.

Brand Activation

Awareness is nothing without activation. We create disruption and cut through the clutter, to influence behaviour wherever brands and consumers meet. From sales promotion to staff training, experiential events to product sampling, we create new opportunities for consumers to interact with brands, fostering loyalty and converting top level awareness into bottom line results.

See your business through fresh eyes.