The Undeniable Magic of Uncertainty

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
– Deepak Chopra


As modern life swiftly transforms into something entirely unexpected, people all over the world are creating new ways of communication. How we meet and interact with colleagues and loved ones is changing.

Yet, as humans, we all have an inner resilience to adapt. We have the skills to navigate through these uncharted waters, and create change within and around us – however this is hidden beneath fear.

Yes, uncertainty scares all of us. It makes planning and predicting difficult. When you don’t have all the answers, you are forced to dig deep to find the solutions hidden beneath the surface, and those are the solutions that the world is needing the most.

The world isn’t asking you to play it safe. Now is the time for your grand ideas and to have the tenacity to pursue them—what we at Big Bold Thinkers call “creating the magic!”

Right now, businesses all over the world are looking to innovate in new ways of working through this difficult time. Rather than get overwhelmed in the collective fear of uncertainty, we see this as a challenge to push boundaries, think big and innovate into a new reality.

This is our moment.

As passionate visionaries in the marketing and communications universe, we work with our customers to turn their ideas into unique experiences that drive customer loyalty and engagement.

Our clients are always under pressure to be innovative and provide the kind of magical product and service experiences that exceed audience expectations and the offerings of competitors – and now it is even more compounded.

So what is the best approach in this new environment?

In order to respond smartly and responsibly during this unprecedented time – it is important for customers to adjust their communication approach in order to respond to their audiences with tact, empathy and mindful marketing.

As a proactive measure, we have identified a few tips for consideration when addressing a marketing approach during a crisis.


Audit current marketing campaigns and consider what to prioritize or pivot: A campaign break is not necessarily a bad idea at this time – the break may give you some time and space to prepare for the next wave of communications when audiences are more at ease and this is when you will be most relevant and impactful.

Think about The Content: The use of images and words are powerful – so visuals of social interaction, use of marketing language such as ‘get in touch’ or messages encouraging immediate interaction may need to reevaluated and tweaked to suit the current mindset of audiences.

Don’t Talk about The Crisis: It is important to keep audiences informed however this works best when communicated in a spirit of humility and empathy at all times. Tactless messages tend to be a real turnoff in this climate of worry or fear.

Be Positive and Be Human: We are all in this together and we all need to feel connected at this time. Lean into human stories, let your principles set the tone, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Spread the Magic: We all exist to provide value to those around us and this should be the focus at this time – how can you help at this moment in time? How can you inspire audiences that are stuck at home all day? The focus must remain on helping people and not yourself at this time. This is where innovation kicks in.

We are in a strange time and this too will end. However, while we remain in this storm together, we need to work together to try and build momentum, create value and inspire those around us. Remain thoughtful and proactive at this time and the rest should take care of itself.

Wishing all our readers love and light.