How Event Apps Can Help Keep Your Events Safe

Event apps allow companies to create an event-specific app for their event attendees.

Everything for the event is in one place and can be accessed on the attendee’s smartphone or mobile device.

Millions of events were cancelled all over the world due to the pandemic. This year, as the vaccine is rolled out and Covid cases drop, we will see a return to in-person events.

What are the key benefits of using event mobile apps? Let’s take a look.

All Organizational Material in One Place

If you have all the logistical information on your event app, people won’t need to collect multiple pieces of paper throughout your event.

The schedule, details of keynote speakers, break-out groups, all of it will be kept safe and secure, on the app.

When organizing your event, you can compile all the logistical information straight into the app. Then all your stakeholders will have all the information they need in advance.

Event Apps Are a Way For Guests to Interact

There may be hundreds or thousands of people at your event. If it is an event with the primary goal of networking, this can make it hard for the right people to meet each other.

If your event app has a feature that lets guests create a profile and bio about themselves, they can find each other through the app. Gone are the days of wasting time having small talk with someone who isn’t relevant to your business.

With an event app, you can see who is attending the event and actively seek them out when you are there.

Detailed records of everyone in attendance are also helpful in keeping your event safe. An event app is an excellent part of an event safety strategy. You can get in touch with attendees after the event should you need to.

Safe, Contact Free Check In

When attendees arrive at the event, they can use the app to check themselves in. They won’t need to interact with a receptionist. The app will then have an automated, up-to-date list of who is in attendance.

Collatee Event Materials

Event app features also can collate the materials from your event in one place. This is incredibly useful for attendees who missed an important keynote or who want the slides from a talk.

Create a section in your app with the research presented at your event, details of the companies in attendance, and videos of important presentations.

Make It Easier for People to Share Your Event

When you are thinking about how to plan events, the shareability of your event will always be a consideration, particularly in the age of social media. Many types of apps for events allow you to integrate social sharing.

It’s never been easier for you to encourage your customers to Tweet or share an Instagram story about your event!

Get Planning Your Event

Slowly, we will get back to in-person events. It will take some time, but we will get there. Event apps will be a big part of making real-life events safe and secure in a post-Covid world.

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