How to Leverage On-Demand Content In Online Conferencing

Online conferences are here to stay. The writing was already on the wall with so much of the working world moving online. Then COVID-19 turbocharged the transition, and there’s no going back.

30% of organizations used online conferencing for the first time during the pandemic. Since then, there’s been a 100% increase in video conferencing software in 47 states.

Preparing for an online event like an online webinar is a lot of work. It takes an average of between three and six weeks to promote even a small online event, for instance.

Do you really want to have to prepare on-demand content, too?

Let’s take a look at some ways that on-demand content can enhance your online event.

On-Demand Content Impresses

To understand how on-demand content can help you have a legendary online event, it’s important to first understand what on-demand content is.

To visualize on-demand content and how you might use it during an event like an online webinar, let’s use television as an example. Once upon a time, broadcast television was the only game in town. A program would be aired once, where it would be picked up and translated by an antenna into quality entertainment.

Now think of an online platform like Netflix. They’ve got a backlog of every single episode you could ever hope to see, just waiting for you to click and get carried away.

The Netflix model is the on-demand content business model. It’s also a good representation of how on-demand content can supercharge your online event.

Think of the quality of an older TV show, where they faced far greater time and budget limitations.

Now think of a Netflix original. Content created for on-demand platforms often resembles mini-movies. Sometimes they even outrank the big screen in terms of ambition and production value.

Imagine being able to have your own Netflix-ready moment at your next online event.

On-Demand Content Lets You Focus on Your Customers

When we’re focusing on webinar hosting, we’re not usually trying to rush against the clock to create high-quality content. Yes, we want to showcase ourselves and our businesses as thought leaders in our industries. We don’t exactly want to be editing video down to the last available second.

When hosting an online event, we want to focus on delivering a quality experience and connecting with our audience. Working with an on-demand content creator lets you focus on these aspects by leaving the rest to the professionals.

Even better still, working with an on-demand content creation company can give you the best of both worlds. You can discuss your audience with the creative team, and they can create high-quality video, audio, or written content to address your customers and their specific needs. Then you can follow through with post-event interactions.

It’s one of the best lead-generating funnels you could ever hope for when it’s handled correctly.

Looking for On-Demand Content?

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