How To Promote Your Instagram Page to Drive Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is a cutthroat competitive world where anyone who aspires to succeed needs to leverage every resource available to them. This means using top-notch SEO, compelling advertising, and utilizing social media to drive brand awareness. While investing in every major social media platform is a good decision, Instagram can be one of the best choices.

Drive Brand Awareness with Instagram

Instagram has phenomenally high user engagement rates, which establishes it as one of the best platforms for outreach. Running an effective business Instagram account can go a long way to boost the recognition of your brand in a cost-efficient manner. Your first step is knowing what a good, business-optimized account looks like.

Design a Business-Oriented Instagram Account

There are a few key elements to a good Instagram account for your business. First of all, a snappy bio that informs followers about your brand and includes a URL to your business is essential. Your link will only be conveniently clickable when placed in the bio, so failing to do so is a serious missed opportunity.

Employ Consistent Messaging

If you already run other social media accounts, your Instagram should have the same profile picture and a similar style. While every platform is unique and your strategy will need to adapt, the overall feeling of your brand should remain consistent. This will make your online presence more instantly recognizable and help humanize your business to potential customers.

How to Promote Your Instagram

Use a Suitable Tone and Style

Instagram has a casual, conversational culture that you need to adapt to. Posts that are filled with sales-oriented language and product descriptions will come off as more confrontational and, ultimately, unappealing. Instead, Instagram promotion favors an understated approach that lets your brand speak for itself. Many powerful brands have driven their global recognition by eschewing conventional advertising altogether and embracing snarky or absurd Millennial/Gen Z humor.

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

Using product images is a powerful way to advertise your products on Instagram, but your pictures should sell the products on their own. Boring or excessive text is unlikely to resonate with many consumers, but an image that displays the value of your products in-use can make an excellent impression.

Maintain a Professional Look

When successful brand accounts are roasting other company accounts or making jokes about existential dread as they often do, they never lose their professional appearance. All images associated with their accounts are pristine and perfectly formatted. While the brands might use colloquial language, the quality and readability of written content always remain high.

Call Social Media Advertising Experts

The most reliable way to successfully use social media for your business is to hire a team of experts. Capturing the essence of your brand, taking high-quality photos, and other elements of successful online advertising can be harder than they might appear. Get in touch with The Big Bold Thinkers and learn more about how we can drive your brand’s profile to new heights.