Lead Retrieval Solutions for Trade Show Organizers

Running a successful trade show is all about helping businesses network. Unlike other marketing tactics, trade show exhibitions connect businesses with already highly-motivated audiences in a personal, hands-on way. To help clients get the most out of trade shows, and be more likely to return to yours, you need to be armed with lead retrieval solutions.

81% of trade show exhibitors use email as their lead retrieval method of choice, while others use phone calls, in-person meetings and social media. Managing that data and putting it to good use can be difficult, so let’s explore the ways trade show organizers can make lead data collection easier for clients.

Lead Retrieval: The Old Way

If you’ve been around trade shows for a while, you remember the days of paper business cards and written sign-up sheets. This form of lead retrieval was often left up to the exhibitors to create and maintain.

Unfortunately, this method leads to unorganized and lost lead retrieval data. According to design software company Adobe, 88% of business cards get thrown away in less than a week. Whether that’s accidental or on purpose, that’s a lot of information to lose.

NFC-enabled Badges and QR Codes

To provide a more modern lead retrieval solution, trade show organizers have two options.

The first is NFC-enabled badges, or near field communication-enabled badges. Along with a picture and other credentials, an NFC-enabled badge has a microchip in it. The chip contains data such as email, job title and other contact information. An exhibitor simply needs to scan it to see and save data.

QR, or quick response, codes operate essentially the same way but with a bar-code instead of a microchip. An exhibitor simply needs to scan it to save their information.

App-based Lead Retrieval Solutions

Trade show organizers can purchase lead retrieval apps that equip smartphones and tablets with the software needed to scan QR codes or NFC chips. Their exhibitors can enrol in the program for free or rent it from the organizer.

This is great for trade shows with smaller businesses. Your clients won’t have to rent any extra equipment and can save lead retrieval data to their own devices for later use.

Lead Retrieval Equipment for Phones and iPads

Some smartphones and tablets don’t have the required hardware to scan QR Codes or NFC chips. However, you can provide small devices that connect to them so they’re able to retrieve data.

Scanner Rental

Sometimes, it makes more sense to provide full scanner equipment than relying on smartphones or tablets. Imagine your trade show has only a few exhibitors, but they attract large amounts of potential clients. Individually scanning each attendee’s badge isn’t viable.

In that case, you can rent out or install kiosks. After speaking with businesses at your trade show, attendees can scan their own badges at a nearby kiosk so they can be contacted later.

How Do Event Organizers Bring It All Together?

If your trade show needs a variety of lead retrieval solutions implemented for a wide range of clients, let Big Bold Thinkers be your all-in-one solution. We’ll help you find the best lead retrieval solutions for your trade show and make sure your attendees and exhibitors know how it works. Not sure where to begin? Contact Big Bold Thinkers today for a consultation.