Chatbots are endlessly useful tools. They save time and money, they answer important questions, and they keep customers happy.

More and more businesses are using chatbots to increase customer satisfaction levels and answer pressing queries. But aside from the already awesome attributes Chatbots bring to the table, now, many companies are seeing their potential as salespeople of sorts, as well.

What does this mean exactly? As it turns out, there’s a chatbot sales secret that brands are beginning to discover. Chatbot sales funnels are all the different ways in which these digital assistants can help to increase sales and revenue. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Lead Nurturing

Leads are potential customers that have expressed an interest in a business. They need to be excited and delighted so that they will move through the sales funnel until they eventually become customers. Part of this process is known as lead nurturing.

Chatbots can nurture leads in that they provide quick answers, useful information, and can be automated so that they are always working toward this goal.

2. Predictive Analysis

Chatbots are intelligent tools with immediate access to a wealth of data and information. This is important because this data can be used to predict customer behaviour. In this way, chatbots are capable of identifying good or qualified leads and focusing attention on these customers in particular.

3. Social Media Marketing

Another great feature of chatbots is that they can be easily integrated into social media marketing campaigns. Building brand awareness is crucially important, as it gives business access to more and more potential customers. Two of the first steps in the sales funnel are awareness and engagement, and chatbots reaching out to potential customers via social media is a great way to conquer both.

4. Improved User Experience

There are two things we know for sure about customers. They like to have 24/7 access to brands, and they like to have their questions answered immediately.

With chatbots, both of these things are a given. This means more satisfied customers, more returning business, and increased revenue streams.

5. Smart Shopping Assistance

Because of the customer data and information they have access to, chatbots are great at making shopping recommendations to customers. They can upsell or cross-sell, offering items that they predict the shopper will like and making the shopping process much easier. This results in more products sold and happier customers.

They can also persuade shoppers to stay if they look as though they are about to abandon their cart or exit the site, which can help to save potentially lost sales.

The Chatbot Sales Secret of Chatbot Sales Funnels

There are so many ways chatbots can be used, but for the most part, the chatbot sales secret of chatbot sales funnels is one use that is under-utilized. Don’t underestimate the power of the chatbot, it could end up costing you more than you’ll know.

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