Not just a cool marketing buzz-word, brand activations are the most powerful way I’ve found to build awareness through direct interaction with our customers. In the new marketing world, this category may require the most creative thought. Our natural inclination is to put our heads down and wait, but that’s not going to start building your sales funnels for the new normal.


So, how do we engage directly with our customers when we can’t be together? Enter the virtual magic:


  1. Purchasing decisions are highly influenced by what our peers are doing. Leverage social media interactions to get your followers to spread the word for you. Tap into our psychological desire to belong, by promoting an opportunity for subscribers to share their “Your Brand Here Moment.” Invite them to take a selfie with your product or of themselves (or their cat, or kid) while experiencing your service. Position the roots of this promotion within the social platform you want to target, so if it’s on Facebook – only sell this item there for a limited time. Create a unique hashtag to unite all the buzz into one powerful voice. Create an entire customer experience from start to finish that engages, taps into real feelings and simply has to be shared.

  2. Use empathy to provide a specific solution directed at your unique audience. Remember that all marketing is identification of a pain-point and then relief of it. So take an empathetic look at your target audience, and find a digital solution to their pain. Use social listening to stay on top of what’s trending and offer solutions to match. For example, as I write this today, we are in the throes of a pandemic which has forced our events and activations online. I know from social listening that my audience wants to know how to take these marketing pieces online and I can help them do just that. Aaah, relief.
  3. Tap into influencers to provide online demos of your brand. Everyone loves a good unboxing video – get your product in front of the world by having the right person demonstrate its use and value while displaying it to their audience. Then share and boost this awesome video strategically to your target audience. This is a highly repeatable method of product demonstration that continues to skyrocket in popularity on social media.
  4. Take the analog events you love and make a bold and brave jump to digital. If you were planning to launch your event at a summer tradeshow – invite your audience to experience the launch online through a hosted and interactive event. Take the best parts of the event and get creative. Send invitations and promotional products to users at home to entice them to join the event while putting your brand in their hand, literally. Inspire interaction and conversation around your launch by setting up discussion groups to promote and review what’s new. Invite industry experts to present or interact with your new launched product or service. Have fun with it.


Events and activations aren’t canceled, they’re changed. And we can pivot our approach to change too. Take your brand boldly into the new normal. Keep pushing for real, authentic interaction with your tribe and keep your brand top-of-mind. If you need more ideas or a plan to get started, let’s talk. Remember, we are on this journey together.


Wishing you light and love. ~Hema

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