Welcome to the fourth article in our series, “The New Digital Marketing.” Over seven weeks I’m going to lead you through the steps of developing your own online marketing strategy from start to finish. Whether you’re a traditional brick and mortar business getting online for the first time – or have had your digital ducks in a row for years… the world has changed and we are adapting. Let’s do it together. It’s time to get into the meat of your, “Digital Strategic Planning.”

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Human connection makes the world better. The ability to be real, vulnerable and authentic with each other can make the pain of separation sting a little less. Learning that our pain is, in fact, shared lightens the load on our shoulders. So when we think about our marketing today – the digital shines brightest.

If all marketing is identifying pain points and then relieving them, then digital marketing is paramount when we are apart. So, let’s think about how your humanity and your brand can merge into a new digital plan.

Like any strategy, your digital marketing needs clarity of purpose, measurable KPIs and an executable list of deliverables. What sets it apart from your other marketing initiatives is creative content and engagement. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. What’s the point? Clearly, and with that aforementioned humanity, define the answer to the question, “Why are we going to market?” What pain-points are you going to address with your audience? From there, establish the goals of this marketing strategy. Are we increasing brand awareness? Launching a new product or service? Increasing leads and conversions? Be sure everyone on your team has the same objectives in mind.
  2. Tell a story. People are driven by a narrative, and that’s really hard right now – because so much of the future is uncertain. Create your digital campaigns with this in mind. Communicate a narrative, an experience for your audience. No piece of your digital presence stands alone. Map out a clear beginning, middle and end… and then what story will come after. If you are running multiple campaigns at the same time, like a new product along with brand awareness, consider how they can tie together to provide continuity for your audience.
  3. Engage to be Engaging. Now is the time to highlight the humanity in your brand. Be real. Your content needs to get your audience talking with you and about you. Read this piece from last week to learn more.
  4. Pick your platforms. Where will you tell this story? Will you build out an informative series of blog articles that tie in to posts on social media? Which social platforms? Keep in mind the demographic differences of both your client base and the social media you plan to use. Also remember that some platforms are driven with visuals, like Pinterest and Instagram, while others allow you more copy interaction.
  5. Create a calendar. I strongly recommend using task-management software to integrate your team and work product. Within this platform you should have a marketing calendar that clearly outlines your strategy, the specific executable tasks for each piece as well as the corresponding timeframe to keep work on track. Since things are changing more rapidly than ever before, let’s look at 90 days out at a time.
  6. Monitor and pivot. As you and your team get into this new strategy, plan ahead to monitor analytics, social listening, website traffic, lead generation and conversion rates so that you can accurately measure your success as you go. When things change, be ready to adapt and change along with them so that you and your client remain in sync.

You’re ready to strategize your way to new revenue streams online. Jump in with both feet. I will see you next week to discuss how empathetic marketing gives you a leg up on your competition and a connection with your customers.

Take your brand boldly into the new normal. Keep pushing for real, authentic interaction with your tribe and keep your brand top-of-mind. If you need more ideas or a plan to get started, let’s talk. Remember, we are on this journey together.

Wishing you light and love. ~Hema

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