Exceptional Exhibitions

We’re the providers of the best exhibition stand designs across the Emirates

Aside from our world-class bespoke themes and designs at BBT, our services are also quite affordable. We offer modular exhibition stand designs and a variety of them giving you the luxury of ‘affordable yet best choice’. Our range of exhibition stand designs and exhibition booth designs includes ‘instant set up’ versions – these are perfect if you want something for your business’s seasonal promotional activities, or even for mall activations and brand activations.

Partaking in exhibitions is one of the most traditional ways of product or service promotions. But when they’re laced with technological advancements they’re no more just exhibitions as then they become a means to experience the brand, or product, or service in question. We, at BBT, focus on making exhibitions into an experiential event for brands, business, and their valued clients.

How do we do that?

We infuse a certain sense of style, sincerity, and serenity throughout the process until the final manifestation; we call it our 3 S’s to extraordinary exhibitions, 3 S’s being – style, sincerity, and serenity. You see, an event stands out not because of its big-sized standees or banners or whatever. An exhibition is not only about the ‘what’ but it’s about the ‘how’. How is the exhibition made? We, at BBT, are about the ‘how’ as much as we are about the ‘what’. It’s because the ‘how’ forms the spirit of the exhibition. So how we do it? We do it with care, love, and utmost dedication and focus. We understand that every exhibition has its specifications, limitations, and challenges and we take every bull by its horns in a rather subtle manner – after all, an exhibition is about aesthetics, isn’t it? We evaluate minute aspects from start to end and provide solutions that match your requirement.

Exceptional exhibition stand designs

A good exhibition stand design can become your business card magnet attracting several growth opportunities for your business. We have been providing international and local clients with bespoke exhibition booth designs. We, at BBT, take care of everything from concept & theme designs and physical installation to full assembly and delivery. Our exhibition stand designs and exhibition booth designs are world-class as we infuse them with the latest technology including our exceptional 3D render designs and 3D architectural render.

With world-class event stands, event displays and signage stands we help your business to ‘stand out’ from the competition and turn the ‘right’ heads.

Get a customized event flyers design made!

Many firms when they want to showcase new products, services, concepts, or ideas they prefer doing so at an exhibition which includes the distribution of exhibition flyers. After understanding your requirements we design event flyers that are in sync with your business purpose.

If additionally, you are looking for a leaflet design service then you are in the right place. Our team will cater to all your leaflet design and print needs. We also offer bonus leaflet design ideas that best match your business objective and the exhibition’s theme and design.

Size doesn’t matter for us

We cater to exhibitions of every scale and size. We, at BBT, have all the things at our disposal (not to forget some of the best creative minds and experienced hands in the industry) like a 3D rendering service to make your exhibition a grand experiential success.

Why BBT?

Planning and organizing an exhibition is a mega-scale mission. Hiring an in-house fabrication and design team that can quickly work on stall ideas is one thing but getting the support of experts who (along with undertaking the task of planning and managing your exhibition from start to end) can procure licenses for your exhibition’s plans, venue, electricity and much more is another. We, at BBT, make sure that all the necessary rules and regulations are fulfilled in advance thus smoothening out the process from concept to creation.

At BBT, we are fortunate to have people in our team who are considered to be one of the best in their fields. This just adds to our outstanding reputation. We have an exceptionally talented exhibitions’ stand design team, highly competent project managers, and a crazy yet focused bunch of creative minds and account managers, all of whom are dedicated to providing elite-level services to all our precious clients. With the expertise and experience of such a brilliant team at our disposal, Big Bold Thinkers (BBT) has gained an extraordinary footing in UAE.

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