How to Create A Powerful Communication Strategy for Your Next Online Event

Did you know the average business can spend up to 24% of a yearly budget on digital marketing? Those funds are often used to develop an effective communication strategy. That strategy can include increasing online presence, creating new social channels, and more.

But what about your business’s online event strategy or event promotion? In today’s climate, there are many. You may struggle to keep your business, team, and clients engaged.

Do you want to connect international teams? Or, do you want to impress an important client? Then, you must design a successful online event to achieve these goals.

So, how can you improve your business communication to elevate your next event? Read on to discover our best strategies to foster collaboration and growth.

Know Your Purpose

Your online event should be planned to meet a particular goal or serve a business purpose. When you are clear on the purpose of the event, you can launch your communication strategy and drive the event.

Want to gain clarity around your event purpose? Here are some questions to ask:

  • Why am I hosting this event?
  • Does my business need this event?
  • Will this help grow revenue or attract clients?

Know Who You Serve

How can you create an effective communication strategy for your online event if you don’t know who you serve? Creating a buyer persona can identify this information. You can collect data and use it to streamline your communication strategy.

Activation Phase

Client awareness is nothing without activation. For example, Big Bold Thinkers can help convert awareness into bottom-line results. The team helps influence behaviour where consumers and brands meet.

Be Prepared

You will need to plan out each step of your online event. The organization helps to prevent technical issues or delays.

Choose Your Channels

Your channel choice should align with your event goals and client persona. Is your client base traditional? An email blast with a formal RSVP should work.

digital marketing team can help choose the most effective channels. They can create the ideal event marketing strategy for your business.

Confirm Attendees (and Remind Them)

Confirm attendees and organize the data. But, don’t forget to communicate reminders through your chosen channels.

Go Time!

The online event is finally here! But don’t relax just yet. Have a communication plan in case of technical delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

Follow Through

Once your online event is over, don’t miss the opportunity to follow up with your clients and team. Communicate and ask for feedback. This follow-up and attention to detail will go a long way to build your company’s reputation and brand awareness.

A Powerful Communication Strategy Can Improve Online Events and Grow Your Business

An effective communication strategy is more than a way to keep your team organized or serve your clients. By developing this strategy and applying it to your next online event, you can grow your business. Online events are a way to attract or deter clientele.

By running a smooth and memorable online event, you can set the tone for your brand and company. This can result in increased sales, loyalty, and brand awareness.

Do you need help developing this strategy for your next event? Contact Big Bold Thinkers to subscribe to the blog to learn more and inquire about services.