How Event Apps Can Help Keep Your Events Safe

Event apps allow companies to create an event-specific app for their event attendees.

Everything for the event is in one place and can be accessed on the attendee’s smartphone or mobile device.

Millions of events were cancelled all over the world due to the pandemic. This year, as the vaccine is rolled out and Covid cases drop, we will see a return to in-person events.

What are the key benefits of using event mobile apps? Let’s take a look.

All Organizational Material in One Place

If you have all the logistical information on your event app, people won’t need to collect multiple pieces of paper throughout your event.

The schedule, details of keynote speakers, break-out groups, all of it will be kept safe and secure, on the app.

When organizing your event, you can compile all the logistical information straight into the app. Then all your stakeholders will have all the information they need in advance.

Event Apps Are a Way For Guests to Interact

There may be hundreds or thousands of people at your event. If it is an event with the primary goal of networking, this can make it hard for the right people to meet each other.

If your event app has a feature that lets guests create a profile and bio about themselves, they can find each other through the app. Gone are the days of wasting time having small talk with someone who isn’t relevant to your business.

With an event app, you can see who is attending the event and actively seek them out when you are there.

Detailed records of everyone in attendance are also helpful in keeping your event safe. An event app is an excellent part of an event safety strategy. You can get in touch with attendees after the event should you need to.

Safe, Contact Free Check In

When attendees arrive at the event, they can use the app to check themselves in. They won’t need to interact with a receptionist. The app will then have an automated, up-to-date list of who is in attendance.

Collatee Event Materials

Event app features also can collate the materials from your event in one place. This is incredibly useful for attendees who missed an important keynote or who want the slides from a talk.

Create a section in your app with the research presented at your event, details of the companies in attendance, and videos of important presentations.

Make It Easier for People to Share Your Event

When you are thinking about how to plan events, the shareability of your event will always be a consideration, particularly in the age of social media. Many types of apps for events allow you to integrate social sharing.

It’s never been easier for you to encourage your customers to Tweet or share an Instagram story about your event!

Get Planning Your Event

Slowly, we will get back to in-person events. It will take some time, but we will get there. Event apps will be a big part of making real-life events safe and secure in a post-Covid world.

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Here’s What’s Happening With the 2021 Google Update, Core Web Vitals

Worldwide we make, on average, 1.2 trillion Google searches a year. It seems like every day there’s another Google update. These updates are to ensure the best user experience for all those searches.

From time to time, Google’s updates change the ranking factors. This can cause some angst amongst digital marketers and SEO professionals! This is due to fear of the unknown and not knowing whether your years of work to get a page ranking in the first place will be undone.

Don’t worry; we are here to break down the Google update 2021 for you. So when it comes around in June, there won’t be any nasty surprises!

What’s New With the Google Update 2021?

There are many factors taken into consideration by the page ranking algorithm when a search engine ranks a page.

This new update from Google will focus on using the core web vitals when ranking online content. Let’s take a look at what those core web vitals are:

1. Mobile Optimization

About half of internet users access the web via mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you will be penalized. Google will favor sites that load easily on mobile devices.

Take a look at some Google search trends for further ideas on how to optimize your site.

2. Page Speed

The time it takes your webpage to load is another important factor Google takes into consideration when determining page ranking.

Your images and video content need to load within 2.5 seconds of someone clicking on your page. Compress them using a tool like Tinypng to help speed up your page load time.

3. Safety

Google will now put more importance on the safety of your site. Do you use HTTPS or encryption to protect your users’ data and credit card details?

In the security section of your Google Search Console, you can check if your site has been compromised.

4. Intrusive Interstitials

If your site has annoying banners or pop-ups that are hard to get rid of, it interferes with the user getting the information they want from your site. The SERPs will now penalize this.

5. Interactivity

This refers to how easy it is for a user to find what they want on your website. How quickly does the site handle the clicks made by the user? You want the way your user interacts with the site to be as smooth as possible.

6. Visual Stability

Another element that contributes to the user experience is visual stability. This means that when someone scrolls down your site, boxes, or ads don’t pop up; the text doesn’t move around.

Previously you could scroll halfway down a website, an ad would pop up, and you would leave the site. With the new update, sites that do this will go down in the search rankings.

Design Your Site With UX in Mind

The Google update 2021 isn’t a scary change. It is ensuring the user gets the best experience possible. User experience is at the forefront of search criteria; Google wants the searcher to find what they are looking for.

If you design your website with the user in mind, make it fast, easy to navigate, and secure, you will have no problems moving up the SERPs with the new algorithm updates.

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What Makes Us Excited About iOS 14 Update?

Apple has 23.4% of the mobile market. They are renowned for having a higher level of security and for sharing fewer data with third parties.

Continuous updates aim to make the user experience better, as well as improved security features. So what’s all the hype about the iOS 14 update?

Let us break it down for you.

1. A Personalized Home Screen

One of the most fun features we like about the new iOS update is the personalized home screen. You can change what is on the home screen and even personalize the icons for your apps.

You can add widgets such as photos or weather or date and time and style them in the way you like. Have a favorite colour? Then try this – design your home screen using a colour theme or specific design.

Check out the home screen designs on Pinterest for inspiration on what you should try.

There’s another feature called App Library that helps you to organize all your apps. You can send all the apps you don’t want cluttering up your home screen to the library. The apps won’t be deleted, just saved until you want to use them.

2. The iOS 14 Update Has Better Security

The iOS14 has enhanced security features such as limiting the data transferred to third-party apps.

There is a more explicit opportunity for you to opt out of data tracking. This will make it harder for companies to see how you found them and to track your browser activity.

You can check which data websites collect about you by tapping the Aa button in the Safari browser bar. It will give you the option to view a privacy report. This will show all the ad trackers that have been following you around the internet for the past 30 days.

3. You Can Browse In Chrome

If you aren’t a Safari fan, you can now choose which browser links automatically open in. You can set your default as Chrome and never have to deal with Sarafi again!

4. Updates in iMessage

This is another fun one! Memojis have had an update, so you can have even more fun sending animated talking characters with your voice to your friends!

5. Better Camera and Voicenotes

The updated camera app is easier to access; you can quickly open it and shoot. Shot to shot is also new and improved.

There are options to determine the image quality before you shoot it too. For the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, you can choose to shoot in Pro Raw quality. You can determine the image’s exposure before you take it. The updates also allow you to shoot amazing video content.

Sound enhancing technology makes the voice notes app more precise, with better-quality voice memos.

Update and Personalize Your Phone

The iOS 14 update allows you to make your phone more personalized than has ever been possible. Gone are the days when everyone’s home screen looked the same.

We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we do and make your phone work for you and your business.

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Your Guide to Understanding Social Listening

Have you ever asked yourself, “who is my audience, and what do they want from my company?” If so, you’ve come to the right place.

When marketing your product or service, you shouldn’t blindly guess what customers want to see. Instead, you should gather as much information as possible and give them exactly what they’re looking for. And that’s where social listening comes in.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about it in this guide.

What Is Social Listening?

Social listening involves tracking social media sites for discussions or trends surrounding your brand and industry.

This is different from social monitoring, which tracks relevant data about your company. This includes mentions of your company, mentions of your competitors, hashtags, and relevant keywords.

To put it simply, monitoring tells you the facts or the “what” whereas listening tells you the overall mood or the “why.”

Why Use Social Listening?

Social listening gives you insight into public brand perception, campaign success, competitor strategies, and industry trends.

Learning about your brand perception will help you understand your overall brand reputation. Moreover, it shows what people specifically like and dislike about your brand.

Analyzing a marketing campaign shows you the overall mood toward the campaign. Furthermore, it demonstrates which demographics engaged with the campaign and the impressions of each campaign post.

Gaining insights about competitors will show you their strengths and their weaknesses. Using this information, you can evaluate your own company to see how you compare.

Listening to the industry trends will show you social issues to address (if they’re relevant to you), problems within the industry you could solve, and FAQs about the industry that you can answer.

How to Use Social Listening to Your Advantage

Social listening is only beneficial if you take the information and make informed marketing decisions with it. To do this, you should modify marketing campaigns, engage with customers, handle problems, pursue new leads, track competitors, and connect with influencers.

A good model of this is Wendy’s, which has gained lots of attention in the past few years for its Twitter marketing strategy. After listening to their audience, they started using Twitter to create a clear brand image, speak with customers, and outshine their competitors.

For example, when asked, “How much does a Big Mac cost?” Wendy’s Twitter account replied, “Your dignity.” This is not only a clever marketing strategy, but it also makes people think of their products as superior to McDonald’s products.

Now You Understand Social Listening

The benefits of social listening are truly endless. You’ll not only be able to make informed marketing decisions but you’ll also be in the know about your brand. And once you start listening, you’ll connect with your audience in a way you didn’t know was possible.

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