Capture Customers’ Attention With Custom Banner and Signs

Using Custom Banner and Signs for Effective Outdoor Marketing

Custom banners and signs are effective tools for advertising outdoors because they effectively capture people’s attention. They add a unique dimension to your advertising strategy because they engage with your audience in real life, thereby having a visceral impact unlike that of any of your online campaigns.

Successful businesses tap into this and other advantages of custom banners and signs. Other benefits include their versatility, which lets you choose custom banners or signs with finishes, colours, images, sizes and typeface that matches your brand. Choosing the right custom banners and signs can create a buzz around your brand in your community.

This article briefly outlines the types of custom banners and signs and the benefits of using them for your outdoor advertising.

Types of Custom Banners and Signs

Vinyl Banners

These custom banners are popular because they are customizable, durable, inexpensive and versatile. You can easily switch between having them indoors and outdoors because they’re tear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when you move them around. If you store them properly, you can use the vinyl banner and signs for a long time.

Fabric Banners

If you plan to invest in fabric banners, go for high-quality ones that are easy to reuse, wash and store. Doing so is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The downside of fabric banners and signs is that they don’t do well in harsh weather and fade.

Mesh and Other Types of Banners

The custom banners and signs are lightweight and translucent. They’re typically used outdoors because they’re wind-resistant and durable. You can, however, use them indoors. Besides vinyl, fabric and mesh, other types of custom banners and signs include

  • Wall-hung banners
  • Ceiling banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Pop-up displays
  • Feather banners
  • PVC banners

Benefits of Using Custom Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs are an excellent addition to your signage strategy for attracting new customers. Here are some benefits of custom banners and signs.

  • Capture attention cost-effectively. You can cost-effectively attract people’s attention to welcome your customers, announce a sale or create awareness about your business.
  • Improves brand awareness. Your customers see your message multiple times, which grows your audience and increases the number of walk-ins.
  • Maximize impact with mobility. You can move your custom banners and signs to positions with maximum visibility and impact.
  • Augment your advertising campaigns. Adding custom banners and signs outside your business can complement your interior signage and make your overall advertising campaign more engaging.
  • Direct your customers. You can use custom banners and signs to provide directions to your business and make it easy to find.
  • Use long-lasting signage. High-quality custom banners and signs can endure most weather conditions and last longer while maintaining their lustre.

Market Effectively With Custom Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs can make all the difference in your advertising. They’re available in different varieties and benefit your business in several ways, including cost-effectiveness, high impact and durability. Contact Big Bold Thinkers today to learn how to market effectively using custom signs and banners.

Security Breach vs. Security Incident: What’s the Difference?

All over the world, there are 2,200 cybersecurity attacks per day. That’s over 15 each minute!

Digital attacks are on the rise and cybercriminals are growing ever bolder. So, it’s important to have a good understanding of different website security threats and elements of data security.

If you’re unsure of the exact difference between a security breach and a security incident, read on to find out.

What is a Security Breach?

A security breach means data or systems have been accessed by outside forces.

This could come in the form of information being stolen, systems being damaged, or unauthorized control being taken of a system. Essentially, it means outside forces have been successful in breaching your security.

If you’ve experienced a security breach, it’s absolutely vital to get expert help as soon as possible.

What is a Security Incident?

A security incident isn’t exactly desirable, but it’s a little less serious than a security breach.

This means that your information and systems have been compromised in some way, perhaps through the presence of malware. Although your information may not have necessarily been accessed, you certainly need to take action to deal with the threat.

Ignoring a security breach can lead to major problems down the road. Even if your information wasn’t compromised on this occasion, it could be only a matter of time until your defences are breached.

Take Care of Your Data Security

Your system security is absolutely integral to the long-term success of your business. Clients and customers won’t give their business to a company that can’t be trusted to keep their information secure.

If you’ve been subject to a security breach or a security incident, it’s absolutely vital to shore up your digital defences.

Our blog contains lots more information and tips on maintaining good cybersecurity.

Growing Website Security Threats

Your company website is another potential weak point in your online defences. A well-known website with plenty of users is likely to attract all kinds of hackers and other malicious types.

In recent years, major businesses have seen huge amounts of data stolen from their websites. In other events, website content has been replaced with harmful or criminal content.

It’s just another reason to invest in top-quality cybersecurity. This is the best way to protect your company data and avoid security breaches or incidents on your website.

Get Top Quality Cybersecurity for Your Business

The number of hackers and other bad actors attempting to break down your security is increasing yearly. Security incidents and breaches can impact your credibility and cost you money.

Big Bold Thinkers can help with all your cybersecurity needs. We use our expertise and years of experience to protect you from website security threats and other digital perils.

Whether you’ve been subject to a security breach or incident, or you’re just planning for the future, contact us today to discuss your data security needs.

How to Properly Return to Face-to-Face Events

Ready to transition to face-to-face events as more proper pandemic protections are in place?

Business teams are now preparing to plan in-person events, like product launches or conferences. Hence, looking forward, how can you best begin arranging a successful event? However, as more are going back to live events, you have to consider a few factors before returning to face-to-face events.

Here are some tips that will help you start transitioning safer back to live events again.

Remain Informed

With the government guide changing daily, you must confirm if you’re working within the law. Knowledge is power, and having the facts will allow you to adapt faster. Try to be as flexible with the whole shebang by adjusting and changing easily.

These are unusual times for all and are a new normal reality, so it’s best to adjust, adapt, and absorb. If we are all flexible to a degree, we could share insights, challenges, best practices, and adjust as we go. 2021 has been an unconventional year, so expect the unexpected and prepare well this year.

Communication and Going Hybrid

It would help to get the whole picture from your employees and attendees. Share your strategy with them to ensure they are able to adapt as well. Also, make polls and surveys to know their ideas about attending an in-person conference.

Always have good alternatives or solutions to avoid confusion in new issues. At this point, we recommend going hybrid for any award ceremony or conference summit. Hybrid events help you to get audiences together and boost engagement.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It’s critical to be in the know with the government guidelines and news on covid-safety. For example, think about insurance, contracts, venues, and capacities.

Then, work with your event partner and platform to create your live event protection plan. This can be from your sanitization stations and other layers of safety for staff and attendees.

Set your event and communicate with your pre-event plan and onsite signage. All this will assure your attendees of your dedication to their comfort and safety.

Harness the Capability of Virtual Events

There’s no drifting apart from the influence of virtual events. Although you’ve worked with your customers to see which type of events work best, virtual events allow for a global stage.

Virtual and digital elements are crucial for any event experience in your strategy. Of course, the matter of face-to-face events will never fade, but even before the COVID-19 pandemic, online events work best.

It’s Time to go Back to Face-to-Face Events

So, as this is an exciting time, consider these face-to-face conference tips to ensure the best results. Everyone is thinking about face-to-face events again, but remember that safety is still number one. Make sure your plans and goals are flexible and able to adapt to any situation and issue.

If you need some ideas for creating the most engaging and safest event, why not talk to BBT. Our team can help brainstorm ideas for your next sales kick-off, conference, or brand event. So contact us today to get started!

A 2021 Correlation Study into Links and Brand as Ranking Factors

Do you want to learn more about ranking factors to boost your website’s search engine results? This article will review a 2021 correlation study that reveals that brand and backlinks play a significant role in search engine ranking.

The search engine results page, also known as SERP, refers to where your website organically appears in correlation to a search engine plug-in. The higher you rank, the more impressions on your website and the more likely you will have website visitors and conversions.

Do you want to learn more about these correlation studies and learn what can boost your SERP ranking? Then keep reading.

2021 Search Ranking Factors

These SEO ranking factors were chosen from a correlation study that revealed what SEO tactics boosted a brand’s SERP. Below we list some proven correlation study conclusions that improve a site’s ranking on Google.


The more backlinks your site has, the higher it will rank. Backlinks are when another site links to yours. The more backlink variety you have (and at reputable websites-not spammy ones), the higher your site will rank.

.com Domains Rank Higher

.com domains have been shown to rank higher than similar sites using .co, .org, etc. If you are on the market for a new domain, try to end it with .com.

Page-Level Performance Matters

Page-level performance is an encompassing term. It refers to many factors like how fast your site loads. It also includes session duration, bounce rate, and other analytics about your website’s “popularity.”


Keywords still matter in 2021. Having a relevant SERP keyword in the first 100 words on your homepage correlates to a higher SERP ranking. Your keyword can also be in your domain, title tag, and throughout your website.


A correlation study example shows that sites with daily and weekly updates perform better than static sites. The more you update your website with relevant “freshness,” the higher the ranking factors.

2021 Local Search Ranking Factors

Local search factors differ slightly from general SEO ranking factors as they use local SEO. Local SEO limits users’ search to businesses in their geographical area. An example is when someone searches “pizza near me.”

GMB Category

GMB stands for “Google My Business.” Have a Google page for your business and choose the category that most associates with your business. For example, if you own a Middle Eastern restaurant, choose “Middle Eastern fine dining” and not just “restaurant.”

GMB Keywords

Include relevant keywords in your GMB profile. This triggers Google to rank it when those keywords are searched in proximity.


Make sure to have all your addresses listed. The searcher’s proximity and physical address will affect your ranking during a search.

Use Correlation Study Data to Boost Ranking Factors

Follow the guide above to boost your ranking factors into the new year. Make sure to keep optimizing your site.

Boosting ranking factors in 2021 requires a solid marketing strategy. It also requires an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics. Contact us today if you need help—our team is ready and waiting!