Which Banner Sizes do You Need in 2021?

It’s 2021 and your business needs to be bigger and better than ever to compete. That applies to your banner sizes, too. We’re not talking about physical banners.

Website banners come in all shapes and sizes. Some will grab your customers’ attention much better than others. Find the perfect banner dimensions and size for your company by reading this article.

Various Banner Sizes

Website banners are new physical banners. They can attract and keep a customer’s attention or repel them.

A good choice for many websites is the leaderboard banner. It’s one of the best website headers. The ad formats use images and text alike.

Mobile ads don’t work here. Advertisers adore the leaderboard because it goes well immediately after or before the website header. Since there are more ads in this size, leaderboard ads tend to be better.

Compare these to the large rectangle ads. As you’d expect, these are bigger and more noticeable. They may be too big to fit in the sidebar on some websites.

Putting it in a sidebar where it doesn’t fit could distort the content and thereby harm the user experience. Place a large rectangle ad vertically between paragraphs or other content. Don’t try to fit it into a sidebar.

Now it’s time to go mobile. Large mobile banners work well when shown at the top of a page, beneath the site header. Reduce its impact on user experience by putting it further down the page, throughout the content.

You’ll get a better ad inventory with this format as advertisers make more mobile ads to keep up with the website traffic from mobile devices.

A Banner Year

The banners don’t stop there.

Allow me to introduce you to the Billboard banner. They’re best shown at the top or bottom of a webpage. The Billboard’s placement and size options lend itself to higher-quality ads.

Sometimes, a smaller banner is the answer. The square banner is diminutive but likelier to fit into your website’s design than larger ads. That said, larger ads are generally more noticeable.

You can fit the square almost anywhere. There’s a reduced ad inventory though.

Next, we have a classy portrait ad. It’s considerably longer than other vertical ads. Advertisers use it for retargeting messages and brand-centered advertising.

Put it in your site’s sidebar, although its length can affect the user experience. It’s an effective ad size but you should pay attention to the general ad experience.

The Digital Advertising Experience

Our world has charted an irreversible course toward even more personalized forms of cyber-advertising. We may see holograms and more closely targeted advertising in the near future.

While traditional, physical marketing still has some value, online banners have become essential for any remotely competitive business. You must choose the right banner sizes.

You can’t do that all by yourself. Gain an edge in banner marketing by contacting Big Bold Thinkers today.