Team Days Building

A corporate event is an important landmark for a business association. So, for it to be great, the company needs great ideas and concepts so that the event not only turns out to be impressive for its clients but also meets its purpose.

As your event planner we, at Big Bold Thinkers (BBT) make it a point to clearly understand your needs before getting to your corporate event planning and execution. Be it planning, conceptualizing, managing, or conducting your event all the way, you can rest assured that we will put together a stellar corporate event for you.

Corporate Days Out

A wonderful corporate day out where your employees get to spend time with their colleagues or families is a great way to let your employees take the necessary break from work and rejuvenate. It’s a time of collaborative fun and it can work wonders for your company’s team spirit enabling your employees to cooperate and work well together. We, at BBT, as your team days organizer are always happy to undertake such corporate day out projects turning them into fun-filled and engaging events. We offer themes as well as ideas to make your event interesting and eventful by putting together engaging activities that are key to good communication and camaraderie among employees.

Cultural Events

The UAE has its own indigenous culture, but it is also a melting pot of various global cultures. Approximately 88.52% of the UAE’s population is made up of expatriates. UAE citizens account for the remaining 11.48%. Residents from the Indian subcontinent make up the largest proportion of expatriates in the UAE. This means that citizens of the UAE not only get to celebrate local events like the UAE National Day, Ramadan or Eid but also Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, and other celebrations across the globe. At BBT, we have put together and managed various cultural events for some prestigious clients in the UAE.

As your cultural event organizer in Dubai, we turn your cultural event into an extraordinary experience which no one will dare to forget – ever. We have enthralled business communities and their clients and guests across the UAE with our creative execution of various projects in this genre.

We are the masters when it comes to the theme and design of cultural events. Everything from design elements to the look of the event to its overall aesthetics to the venue is planned to take into account the main culture and history as well as your brand’s preference. We are experts in designing and installing traditional, contemporary as well as mixed decor and structures. Need portable tents to be a part of your cultural celebrations? We will get that as well covered for you! Besides, if you want to include music, different dance performances, or even activities like kite flying then all you have to do is ‘express’ it to us! And we will get to it with the speed of a bullet train but with thoroughness and accuracy. When you partner with us, be ready to experience goosebumps throughout the event.

Cultural events with local and global flavor

The blend of international and a strong loyalty towards indigenous heritage has created a fascinating mix of new and old activities. Some activities ooze tradition, culture, and thrill all at once (and in abundance) like – falconry, cooking, camel racing, dhow vessel sailing, calligraphy, and Mehendi or Henna design. You’ll be happy to know that BBT takes care of these aspects too to make your event as unforgettable as possible.

BBT is fortunate to have individuals who have deep knowledge of Emirati culture, architecture, clothing, music, and cuisine. It is because of them we can do justice to traditional setup during our cultural events. We make the cultural event better than perfect by incorporating amazing activities that uphold the cultural heritage of the Emirates. We, at Big Bold Thinkers (BBT), like to call ourselves “Go-Getters” as we’re always ready to create the next glory. Our only aim is to make your event an everlasting experience through a potpourri of our services from concept to creation and final execution.

Our team comprises of highly competent and experienced professionals with deep personal know-how on Dubai and its culture. Each of our members of our team uses their in-depth knowledge to support and guide organizations seeking to hold exceptional events in the form of – corporate days out, conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions, product launches, brand launches, brand activations, corporate family events, grand openings, corporate award shows – and much more.

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