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Corporate Events

A corporate event is an important milestone for an organization. So, for it to be great, the organization needs great ideas and concepts so that the event turns out to be impressive for its clients. But, most importantly, the corporate event must meet its purpose.

As your event planner, we, at Big Bold Thinkers (BBT), first make it a point to clearly understand your requirements before getting to your corporate event planning and execution. Be it planning, conceptualizing, managing or conducting your event all the way, you can rest assured that we will put together a stellar corporate event for you.

Grand opening done right

Initiating a business event with a grand opening is a great way to turn the ‘right’ heads. The grand opening creates brand recognition as well as promotes your brand at the same time, thus generating goodwill.

A great deal of planning and organization goes into managing a successful grand opening. How do you plan to let everything run smoothly? By contacting BBT and ensuring your grand opening takes really takes off.

Gala dinner events

Want to host a gala dinner event? As your gala dinner organizers let us take the responsibility of making your clients and employees happy. Our objective as your gala dinner organizers is to keep your clients, customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders invested in your company by showing them that they are valued. We take care of every aspect from planning and conceptualizing to final execution to conduct and a manager a perfect gala dinner. Décor, theme & design of the gala dinner event, attendees’ engagement activities, lighting, sound and performers – we’ve got it covered.

Corporate Days Out

Team days can be a great beginning of new camaraderie between your team members – essential for overall team spirit. One of the best ways to a great team-building event is a corporate day out.

A wonderful corporate day out where your employees get to spend time with their colleagues or families is a great way to let your employees take the necessary break from work and rejuvenate. It’s a time of collaborative fun and it can work wonders for your company’s team spirit enabling your employees to cooperate and work well together.

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Product Launch

Managing product launch events is one of the important aspects of our corporate event services portfolio. For many businesses, a product launch is one of the most effective ways to release their new product. It needs an old hand who is adept at strategic planning. We, at BBT, do everything possible (with the latest technology and some of the best creative minds) to help generate a buzz around your new product to ensure your launch is amazingly one of a kind.


A conference is put together to draw like-minded individuals from maybe around the globe to learn together, discuss thoughts and ideas with each other. It also helps you to network with individuals which can give rise to possibilities and kindle motivation. We, at Big Bold Thinkers, have years of rich experience in organizing a favorable environment for conferences and corporate events in Dubai.

Corporate Awards

Excellence deserves recognition and corporate award events provide a platform to facilitate such honorable acts. We are fortunate to have people who are experts in setting up the right platform for corporate award shows. How do we go about it? First, we take time to understand your objective and relevance behind the award ceremony. Then, we take care of all the planning, designing and execution aspect of the event. We do everything from choosing the site to scheduling and budgeting. The headache of acquiring various legal permits for a smooth run from start to end is also on us. If that’s not enough, we also take care of the important elements that make up the corporate awards event – entertainment, lighting, prizes, decoration and on-site management.

Cultural Corporate Event

The UAE has its own indigenous culture, but it is also a melting pot of various global cultures. Approximately 88.52% of the UAE’s population is made up of expatriates. UAE citizens account for the remaining 11.48%. Residents from the Indian subcontinent make up the largest proportion of expatriates in the UAE. This means that citizens of the UAE not only get to celebrate local events like the UAE National Day, Ramadan or Eid but also Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi and other celebrations across the globe. BBT has put together and managed various cultural events for some prestigious clients in the UAE.

Corporate Events – Mall Activation

We, at BBT, help brands create and install customized booths, podiums, display stands and pop-up stores to enthral and delight visitors. We take activations to another level by infusing the power of interactive multimedia, gamification and social elements. This facilitates the inflow of steady footfall and enables you to target your consumer group directly and effectively.

Corporate Family Events

Corporate family shows make for fun-filled occasions where your employees and their families can come together and have some good time. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship between the company and its employees who develop more goodwill and integrity towards the organization. We, at BBT, collaborate with you to come up with an amazing concept for your corporate family event and see it through till its successful completion. We have helped many businesses in restoring the confidence of their employees thereby enabling the employees to perform better by boosting their morale through such family events.

Corporate Events – Brand Activations

The objective of brand activation is to create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand. It can see various forms and use multiple channels. But no matter the method, the goals remain the same- inspire action, drive engagement and foster long-term customer relationships. BBT’s new-age brand activation arm brings you the future of experiential marketing. We have next-generation digital activation platforms and interactive technology solutions which are a big-time crowd puller. They help your brand stand out from the competition.

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