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Corporate Conferences

As your event planner, we, at Big Bold Thinkers (BBT), always make it a point to clearly understand your requirements before getting to your corporate event planning and execution. Whether it’s planning, conceptualizing, managing, or conducting your event all the way, you can rest assured that we will put together a stellar corporate event for you.


A conference is put together to draw like-minded individuals from maybe around the globe to learn together, discuss thoughts and ideas with each other. It also helps you to network with individuals which can give rise to possibilities and kindle motivation. We, at Big Bold Thinkers, have years of rich experience in organizing a favorable environment for conferences and corporate events in Dubai.

If you are looking for a corporate conference organizer in Dubai who will make your event as experiential as possible then BBT is your best bet. You see, we are friendly yet professional in every way. Why friendly? Because let’s face it, no one likes long and stern faces. Whatever you tell us to do we do it without the smile leaving our faces and we strive till a smile spreads across your face. And we like to keep it that way. This simple attitude has kept us going through various successful conferences that we have conducted and managed for several brands and businesses.

Because size matters | Corporate Conferences Dubai

At BBT, we conduct and manage conferences as well as seminars of all sizes. Be it intimate get-togethers or big scale conferences our creative aficionados in all their glory dive right in through your needs and requirements until all the boxes up to final execution are ticked. That’s how we have been making every event as experiential as it can be. We, at BBT, are committed to giving you the best optimum holistic solutions to shape your conferences.

High standards are our standards

We strive to make the experience of your conference several notches higher. We, at BBT, assist you from inception to execution; your event requirements are our priority. Our service standards are top-notch, that is the reason why all our clients and customers love to work with us over and over again. We’ve been in the event management business since 10+ years. And from the beginning, we have aimed to launch and elevate brands across The United Arab Emirates. Our 10+ years of native market understanding, years of global market knowledge, and over 10 years of combined experience of our brilliant team has made it possible for us to organize stellar corporates and seminars around the world.

Producing happiness

Our production team at BBT is like no other and we are fortunate to have them with us. Their dedication to producing something big, something great every time, is inspiring – we bow down to them!  Each member of our production team employs the last bit of knowledge they have from their vast knowledge pool to execute everything efficiently in the manner in which you expect. It’s because of them we have been creating events that strengthen the relations between the companies and their employees, the guests, and the hosts.

Gala dinner events

As gala dinner organizers we have been organizing gala dinner events that ooze flawless execution as well as innovation in abundance. We manage to do it every time because our focus is on one thing – visual impact – the key to any great and memorable gala dinner event. We do everything needed to make your night an unforgettable one.


We take special care to create an ambience where you and your employees can rekindle their relationships with clients, investors, and other stakeholders. We carefully plan and conceptualize the setup, decorations, theme, design, guests engagement activities, entertainers, lighting, audio, print, branding, and then some. That’s how we manage to set up a perfect gala dinner for you.

Brand and product launch events

Whether a new product is released into the market or a new brand altogether, one of the best ways to turn the ‘right’ heads is through a grand launch. We, at BBT, have the best brand and product launch ideas to make your event truly effective.

Managing product launch events is one of the important aspects of our corporate event services portfolio. For many businesses, a product launch is one of the most effective ways to release their new product. It needs an old hand who is adept at strategic planning. We, at BBT, do everything possible (with the latest technology and some of the best creative minds) to help generate a buzz around your new product to ensure your launch is amazingly one of a kind. Additionally, we also help you in renting the perfect furniture for your event. Renting furniture costs much less and enables you to choose from a variety of options.

We, at BBT, are experts in organizing exhibitions, social events, community events, corporate events, and then some.

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