Do you remember Vine? The video app went viral in 2012. Within months of launching, Vine was a household name. Millions of people tuned in to watch videos of people dancing, cooking, and cracking jokes.

And, then, it disappeared.

In 2022, Vine’s story may seem irrelevant. After all, we are living in the age of TikTok and Instagram reels. Vine was the short-lived entertainment of the past.

However, Vine’s rise and fall continue to make an impact on marketers. Many marketers wonder if modern video apps will fail just as quickly as Vine did.

The truth of the matter is that TikTok is nothing like Vine. Read on to learn why TikTok and Instagram reels are unique. And find out why short-form videos are here to stay.

Short-Form Videos & The Perfect Length

When it comes to short videos, size matters. Videos that are too long fail to hold your attention span. Meanwhile, videos that are too short fail to draw you in.

Unlike the sixty-second reels of TikTok and Instagram, Vine videos only lasted for six seconds. As most marketers know, six seconds is not enough time to tell a story. It’s certainly not enough time to effectively market a product.

Unfortunately, this is what ultimately led to the application’s demise.

In June of 2013, Instagram introduced its 30-second video clips. Interestingly, this was the same month that Vine’s engagement plummeted.

Ultimately, Internet users found themselves more drawn to slightly longer videos. While they did enjoy the rapid-fire of short-form content, they wanted their short videos to engage them for longer amounts of time.

Today, short-form videos hover around a more ideal amount of time: sixty seconds. In one minute, a content creator can tell a story or share some useful information without boring the viewer.

Because short videos are now much closer to the perfect length, we can rest assured that TikTok and Insta reels will be around for a while.

A Huge Audience

Thanks to these format-related improvements, video reels have grown in popularity. Notably, they have far more viewers than Vine ever did.

Back in 2013, at the peak of Vine’s hype, the company still refused to publish the number of active users.

This contrasts greatly with TikTok’s approach to data. The company has not been afraid to release the numbers demonstrating its success. And it’s probably because the results are so overwhelming.

Across the globe, TikTok has 1.8 billion users per month. In other words, almost 1 in 3 people on Earth tune into TikTok on a semi-regular basis.

These numbers do more than just show that short videos are popular. They also reveal the reason why creating short videos is so important.

Consumers from all over the world are tuning into these reels. As a result, these videos have the unique ability to introduce brands to interested customers in an ultra-efficient way.

Create Successful Videos

Short-form videos are here to stay. Now that they have achieved the perfect length, these reels are attracting billions of viewers per month.

But, how can brands respond to the rise of short-form videos? Is there a way to make super successful content?

If you would like amazing short videos for your brand, click here to contact us. Big Bold Thinkers can help you create engaging content for TikTok and take your brand to the next level.