Google Analytics – Its Importance and Benefits

Why is using Google Analytics important?

Let’s say you have set up an exhibition. You have a place established and people have started visiting. Some are leaving early while some are staying back longer. Some have shown interest in the displays while some are just merely looking. Some came to know about you through colleagues while others saw the banners outside.

Now, if you had the data of the people visiting you – why some left early and why some didn’t show any interest, then you can easily figure out your areas of improvement and work towards setting up an exhibition that has people talking about it for days.

Similarly, if you can figure out ways to improve your website to earn more profits, wouldn’t that be sweet? Enter Google Analytics – a tool that lets you find out what is working well, and more importantly, what isn’t!

Google Analytics is not important if you don’t like improvement or growth.

What are the benefits of using Google Analytics?


Data drives the world and Data is only useful if you can make sense of it. Google analytics presents the data in various forms: lists, charts, graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets, and more—allowing you to see how your website is performing.


The platform not only gives you data but also lets you draw conclusions from it. By comparing metrics within the data, you can gather further insights and identify causes and correlations—another reason why Google Analytics can benefit your business.

Real-time observation

Whatever data you’ll see in Google analytics is ongoing and in real-time. This means that you can create reports, compare metrics, and check performance on whatever basis you want—hourly, daily, monthly, yearly. You can also take note of peak times for your target audiences, such as whether certain pages, SEM campaigns, or blog posts gather more interest at certain points of the week, month, or year.

It’s free

Google won’t charge you anything for using their platform. You don’t need to purchase, subscribe, or provide credit card information. All you need is a Gmail account and the ability to install a tracking code on your website, and you’re ready to go.

What are your best tips for getting the most out of Google analytics?

  1. Monitor bounce rate to increase your conversion rate.
  2. Identify slow-loading pages to enhance user experience.
  3. Use the internal site search to optimize your customers’ experience.
  4. Analyze your users’ behaviour to better meet their needs.
  5. Measure overall organic traffic to better understand your users
  6. Use reports of landing pages to directly improve conversions.
  7. Analyze different traffic sources to cover more ground.
  8. Define several conversion goals to get the complete picture of your user’s behaviour.
  9. Analyze social media performance to enhance conversion.
  10. Measure the quality of SEO traffic to further optimize your SEO strategy.

 What should small business owners know about Google analytics to be successful?

Leads, conversions and profits – that’s what every business owner, big or small is looking for! If used properly, Google Analytics can actively increase your conversion rates. There are direct and indirect benefits of using Google Analytics. And when you know exactly where and what to look at, you might be surprised by the insights you’ll get.

Using custom segments

Google Analytics has a feature called segments that make it easy to see how different groups of visitors interact with your website. Right out of the box, you can instantly check on several different default segments including mobile traffic, direct traffic, bounced sessions, converters and new users.

Setting up annotations

Google Analytics throws a lot of data at you, and it’s easy to forget about important findings. Annotations are essentially digital post-it notes that let you mark important notes on various traffic reports. You can mark the sudden surge in social media traffic, momentary dip in organic traffic etc. and come back to it whenever you want.

Comparing historical traffic

Google analytics lets you compare traffic from different periods of time. By regularly comparing your traffic, you can know where your business stands at that particular time and accordingly direct your team about the next step.

Apart from the aforementioned technical bit, you should know how to interpret the findings from Google analytics – only then can you turn failures into opportunities.

Essential Advertising Costs To Know Before You Start Marketing Your Business

You may have a small business with a limited budget or a larger business that has earmarked a little more for your online advertising strategy. This quick guide provides insight into the average advertising cost on Google and Facebook, the two major avenues to reach your clients online.

Average Advertising Costs on Google Ads

As you are probably aware, Google is the most used search engine in the world. Therefore, it makes sense that Google Ads is the largest digital ad platform. Let’s take a look at what it costs to get your business in front of Google users.

Most industries have low costs when it comes to pay per click display ads. However, there are exceptions. For example, employment services pay an average of $1.66 per click. Compare that to real estate professionals who pay $0.88 per click.

Google Ads charges between $1.00 and $2.00 for each click. For small businesses, Google Ads cost about $9,000 per month (or $90,000) on the low end of the spectrum.

However, there’s no requirement to start that big. You can create a successful ad campaign on a low budget, but it helps if you know what you’re doing. Some SMBs turn to experienced digital marketers such as Big Bold Thinkers to maximize the impact of each marketing dollar.

Advertising on Google Display Network costs less than ads for Google’s search engine. Advertisers pay an average of $0.58 per click on GDN. However, costs vary by industry, so research what Google charges in your sector to determine if this is a good alternative for your business.

Average Advertising Costs on Facebook

People love Facebook, the most widely used social network. So, it’s also a great place to advertise your business. With the right strategy, Facebook advertising is an affordable way to reach your target audience. In fact, small businesses often focus on Facebook ads in their online advertising strategy.

You can expect to pay an average advertising cost of $1.72 per click to drive traffic to your website. Alternatively, businesses pay an average of $7.19 per 1,000 impressions or CPM. These costs vary by industry, location and other factors. As a rule of thumb, plan to spend about $0.75 per click or impression.

Facebook ads help your organization increase brand recognition, website conversions, and application downloads. However, it only works if future fans actually see your ads. Big Bold Thinkers can help you estimate the costs in your target areas so you can spend your ad budget effectively.

Facebook advertising also gives you access to Instagram and Messenger. Facebooks’ CPC is still relatively low across most industries. The most expensive industries include finance, home improvement and customer services.

Help for Your Online Advertising Strategy

If you need help with your online advertising strategy, Big Bold Thinkers can help. Our digital marketing services include budget, planning and executing an online campaign for your brand. Contact us today for more information and to discuss how we can propel your company forward with the power of effective online advertising that fits your budget.

3 Uses for a Landing Page and How to Build One That Converts

Landing pages can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to convert more people into paying customers. But, that’s if you know how to use them properly and create one that’s easy for customers to understand.

There’s no need to continue searching the internet for landing page how to guides because we’re going to provide you with a brief guide right here on our site. Not only are we going to detail some of the benefits of using one, but we’re also going to let you in on how to create one that works effectively.

Read this post from start to finish for everything that you need to know.

1. Easy to Create

Contrary to what you might already believe about landing pages there easy to create. You’ve just got to understand all of the components that go into making the page and then you’ll be ready to start developing yours.

2. Informative

When you create ads for the services or products that your company offers, they have to be brief and to the point. But, when you’re using a landing page, any information that you weren’t able to put on the advertisement can be placed on the landing page for customers to continue reading.

3. Improves Customer Relationships

Another benefit of using landing pages is that it helps to create and build relationships between your company and potential clients. When you continue to develop these relationships, it ensures that you’ll have reoccurring clients in the future.

Now that you know three of the benefits of a landing page, it’s time to learn how to create one.

Reference or Transactional Page

Before you can begin building your page, the first thing that you need to do is decide whether you’re going to create a reference or transactional page. When you create a transactional page, it’s to persuade the reader to purchase your services or products.

But, when it’s a reference page, it’s being used to provide more information to the reader.

Decide on Your Target Audience

Once you’ve decided on this, the next thing that you need to do is decide on your target audience. These are the people that all of your advertisements seek to target whenever business content is released.

When you’re creating your landing page, you want to ensure that the page continues to speak to your target audience.

Use Correct SEO

The reason that you’re going to want to use the correct SEO keywords when creating your titles and headlines is that it will help your landing page to show up in more search engines. The more your content shows up in potential clients search engines, the more likely it is that they will click your link allowing you to turn them into paying customers.

This also means optimizing your tags that you’ll use in the meta descriptions and titles correctly.

Create a Strong Call to Action

Your call to action is what you will use to get customers to do what you want them to do. Whether that is to read more of the content that you’ve published or to purchase more of your products.

Without a call to action, it can leave clients confused about what you want them to do next.

Use Videos

People don’t have long attention spans; therefore, the best way to keep their attention is to use embedded videos in your content. When you’ create attention-grabbing videos, you’re sure to convert more customers.

And ensure that the videos you use in your ads or social media content are always linked to your landing page for easy access.

Landing Page 101

Tons go into creating a landing page properly. From ensuring that you use the proper SEO keyword optimization to creating engaging video content for potential customers to view.

If you’re looking to hire a company that can help you to create the best landing page possible, contact The Big Bold Blog. They’ve got the portfolio and experience to help you create a landing page that is going to turn readers into leads and eventually reoccurring clients.

How To Promote Your Instagram Page to Drive Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is a cutthroat competitive world where anyone who aspires to succeed needs to leverage every resource available to them. This means using top-notch SEO, compelling advertising, and utilizing social media to drive brand awareness. While investing in every major social media platform is a good decision, Instagram can be one of the best choices.

Drive Brand Awareness with Instagram

Instagram has phenomenally high user engagement rates, which establishes it as one of the best platforms for outreach. Running an effective business Instagram account can go a long way to boost the recognition of your brand in a cost-efficient manner. Your first step is knowing what a good, business-optimized account looks like.

Design a Business-Oriented Instagram Account

There are a few key elements to a good Instagram account for your business. First of all, a snappy bio that informs followers about your brand and includes a URL to your business is essential. Your link will only be conveniently clickable when placed in the bio, so failing to do so is a serious missed opportunity.

Employ Consistent Messaging

If you already run other social media accounts, your Instagram should have the same profile picture and a similar style. While every platform is unique and your strategy will need to adapt, the overall feeling of your brand should remain consistent. This will make your online presence more instantly recognizable and help humanize your business to potential customers.

How to Promote Your Instagram

Use a Suitable Tone and Style

Instagram has a casual, conversational culture that you need to adapt to. Posts that are filled with sales-oriented language and product descriptions will come off as more confrontational and, ultimately, unappealing. Instead, Instagram promotion favors an understated approach that lets your brand speak for itself. Many powerful brands have driven their global recognition by eschewing conventional advertising altogether and embracing snarky or absurd Millennial/Gen Z humor.

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

Using product images is a powerful way to advertise your products on Instagram, but your pictures should sell the products on their own. Boring or excessive text is unlikely to resonate with many consumers, but an image that displays the value of your products in-use can make an excellent impression.

Maintain a Professional Look

When successful brand accounts are roasting other company accounts or making jokes about existential dread as they often do, they never lose their professional appearance. All images associated with their accounts are pristine and perfectly formatted. While the brands might use colloquial language, the quality and readability of written content always remain high.

Call Social Media Advertising Experts

The most reliable way to successfully use social media for your business is to hire a team of experts. Capturing the essence of your brand, taking high-quality photos, and other elements of successful online advertising can be harder than they might appear. Get in touch with The Big Bold Thinkers and learn more about how we can drive your brand’s profile to new heights.