A Comprehensive Video Marketing Guide This 2022

Videos have taken the digital marketing world by storm, especially with the development of top-class camera technology. It’s easy to market and sell goods or services by creating a visually-appealing video that resonates with your target audience. Furthermore, video sharing and streaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok have high-user traffic that you can tap into to popularize your brand.

The savvy business owner or marketing manager knows the potential of a strong video marketing strategy. Besides setting trends, you can keep up with what your competitors are doing and surpass their efforts. Here’s a comprehensive video marketing guide to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and grow your business.

The Definition of Video Marketing

Many internet users prefer watching videos to reading long articles about a brand’s products. It’s easier to keep people engaged and entertained as you pass across promotional messages via video. Video marketing refers to utilizing short film content to promote and advertise goods, services and events.

This type of marketing allows you to reach a large audience on social media platforms. It can also help boost your SEO and general rankings on major search engines. But to optimize the potential of video marketing and increase brand awareness, you should have a superb video marketing strategy.

Video marketing is crucial to a business because:

  • It boosts engagement. It’s easy to get the attention of internet users through the use of captivating and educational video content.
  • Videos build brand credibility. You can achieve that by creating content that resonates with and appeals to the emotions of your target audience.
  • Video content enhances consumer trust. Creating compelling testimonial video content that humanizes your brand can evoke trustworthy feelings.
  • Videos improve the conversion rate and drive sales. It’s easy for people to purchase after watching a video with credible, compelling, engaging and informative content about a product.
  • There’s an increase in lead generation. Video content is a good tool for attracting new leads and driving traffic to your website and social media outlets.

Top Reasons to Use Video Marketing on Social Media

Why use videos on social media posts? Besides their popularity, videos enable your brand to gain more exposure due to the compatibility of video content with email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other top social media outlets.

Secondly, videos get more engagement than photos and text content on any social media platform, and they also tend to stay visible for longer on social feeds. Moreover, it’s easy to share them on social platforms and even have the potential to go viral.

Another reason to incorporate video marketing on social media is to reach a large audience. Whether your target audience is local or global, videos can get you your customers. Furthermore, videos enable the viewers to understand your products better.

Video marketing also personalizes your engagement with consumers and helps your brand stand out from the competition. Ultimately, you’ll rank higher on SERPs.

Now that you know the importance of videos, how about video best practices? Here are three points to get you started:

  • Create eye-catching video content that immediately hooks readers.
  • Focus on a particular emotion while generating your videos.
  • Remember that videos should be more entertaining and less promotional.

Types of Video Content

The type of video content you choose to integrate into your video marketing strategy should depend on the intended outcome.

Brand Videos

These videos showcase your brand’s products, mission or services. They aim to create brand awareness and attract a targeted audience.

Demo Videos

They demonstrate how a product works and offer insight into what to expect. You might want to create a demo video to advertise specific product features and show the quality of a product.

Expert Interviews

Businesses looking to enhance product credibility can create videos involving interviewing industry experts. These videos can help you win the trust of potential and existing consumers.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are instructional videos that offer step-by-step guidance on achieving a goal. They are perfect for showcasing how hard-to-use products such as applications and software work.

Animated Videos

These videos use elements like cartoons and other characters that move artistically. They help create curiosity, capture viewers’ attention and explain hard-to-understand concepts in a fun way.

Live Videos

These are real-time videos that allow you to engage with your audience via chat. Your viewers can give you immediate feedback on your products or services.

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

Any marketing manager should have various fundamental factors in mind to run a successful and comprehensive video marketing campaign. Here are some insightful video marketing tips:

  • Analyze the competition. It’s wise to learn how the competition markets videos on social media pages and online platforms. At the same time, check how they use other marketing content such as photos and blog posts to complement their video content. That’ll help you uncover marketing trends and identify possible weaknesses in your video marketing strategy.
  • Take time to plan your video marketing strategy. Now is the time to settle on the type of video content you want to develop. It’s also paramount that you define the goals you want to achieve with the marketing videos and settle on the budget. That will save you time and resources otherwise used for edits and re-shoots.
  • Develop a script for your video content. It’ll eradicate unnecessary fluff, make the video flow better and ensure that you stick to providing necessary information throughout the video. Always ensure that you develop a script with clear and easy-to-digest content, and it should be in a conversational tone with simple vocabulary.
  • Get a high-quality camera. You’ll need high-quality videos to appeal to viewers, and that’s why the camera you use matters. Get high-end cameras and camera-related appliances for demos, tutorials, product shoots and tutorials. You could also hire professional photographers, especially for outdoor shoots.
  • An elaborate studio setup. Ensure that you have tripods, working microphones and proper lighting for your video shoot. You can also soundproof the studio to eliminate unwanted external and background noise.
  • Top-notch talent. High-quality videos often stem from the efforts of a skilled video recording crew. It’s crucial for people conducting interviews, handling video demos or creating any other type of video content to be comfortable in front of a camera. Likewise, those behind the cameras should be professionals skilled at video recording.
  • Focus on final edits before posting. Video editing enables you to correct any irregularities with the audio, lighting and clips, and you could also add things like music to make the video interesting to watch. It also helps improve the video quality and transform the recording to the correct file type for various social media platforms.

To Wrap It Up

Any business can benefit from video marketing, as the correct type of video content can help you reach a massive audience and solidify your brand name. It’s in your best interest to partner with online marketing experts for high-quality services. Big Bold Thinkers invites you to subscribe to The Big Bold Blog for further digital marketing insight or contact us to learn about our services.

How To Build a Brand Identity That Drives Real Growth

You’re a reasonable business owner. You know that providing a product or service is only one-half of a successful reputation. The other half is a well-developed brand identity and marketing strategy.

Proper branding and design will be the foundation for any of your other marketing endeavours. Even experts recognize the importance of branding for your business’s long-term success.

Your business’s brand is, in essence, the personality of your operations. It takes time and significant energy to really hone in on what your brand means and how it can reach public consumers. Keep reading if you’re interested in how to build a brand identity.

A Solid Brand Starts with a Solid Team

If your business’s brand is its personality, you need to have a good grasp o the personality of your team as a whole. Every member of operations has something to contribute to the company’s overall story.

So, take the time to get everyone on the team together and interact. For some examples, consider reading this article about how team-building activities can be so beneficial. Learning the dynamics of each team member will go a long way in helping you establish your brand identity.

Before you get too far in building your branding identity, it’s important to develop your own core values. What matters most to you when promoting your products or service? Are you offering high-end and high-cost to your consumers or low-cost and high-value?

It might help to come up with a business-specific vision statement. How are you going to provide genuine value to the people in your community or consumer market?

You can even open a discussion about the branded design elements that the employees might like to see. Incorporate their feedback so that they feel a sense of ownership over the brand you’re all building together.

Build a Brand Identity That Speaks to Your Target Consumers

Another way of looking at a top-tier brand identity is recognizing how it is different from everyone else. You should already be familiar with the competition in your local niche market. What do those businesses have to offer consumers?

In addition, what makes your business unique? How do your products or services stand out compared to others? Answering these questions will help you narrow down what to promote throughout all of your branded materials.

It would be useful to narrow down your target consumer, as well. What does the ideal buyer of your products or services look like? What are their core values, and how do they align with your business’s?

Be Willing to Outsource Branding and Design

Even if you have a good understanding of your business’s core values, designing an entire brand can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry if that intimidates you, though. That’s where professional brand designers can be of help.

Working with a reputable third-party design service could take developing your brand identity to an even higher level. It’s likely they’re more in tune with analyzing the current state of your industry. So, that could translate to a brand design that really speaks to those target consumers.

Don’t hire just anyone to work with you on your branding and marketing strategy, though. Take the time to research potential design services.

For one thing, make sure they have developed a positive reputation in their field. Most qualified graphic designers are educated with a Bachelor’s degree. Plus, they should have a solid portfolio prepared with their previous work for you to peruse and compare.

You should also look at any potential online reviews from previous customers. In addition, be willing to reach out directly to their previous clients. Doing so could give you valuable insight as to whether you can trust in a positive working relationship with them, too.

Research Other Established Brands

Speaking of brand research, don’t be afraid to check out your industry competition. As mentioned above, you’ll want to know how you differ from these competitors. What values and marketing messages would make more sense for you to include in your branding design?

It takes time to develop a proper branding strategy that really stands out ahead of market competition. This brand involves way more than just a solid logo design or tagline, though these are important elements, too.

The Value of a Well-Developed Brand

Remember this: investing in a powerful brand identity will return the financial favour in the long run. When repeat consumers keep purchasing your products or services, you’ll be thankful you took the time to work on this brand personality.

A well-developed branding strategy will build a reliable reputation that consumers can trust. Building these relationships will be critical to long-term profitability.

Repeat customers not only continue contributing money to your operation. On top of that, these happy customers are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends or family members.

Integrate Your Business’s Brand in All Areas of Marketing

Whether you’re marketing online or offline, you’ll want your brand design to stay consistent. That means you need to be ready to use the same colour scheme, tone of voice, and even font style in all areas of marketing.

A great way to set the standard for this is through your website design. Your business’s website, after all, is going to be the digital foundation for any other digital marketing technique you use. Your social media profiles, for instance, will link directly back to your site where it will showcase your brand identity.

Consistency is going to be key for brand recognition as your business continues to grow. When you focus on what your business really stands for, your consumers will be able to tell. Building a genuine relationship will ensure the longevity of your business and its brand.

Start Investing in Your Business’s Brand Identity Today

Branding and design are essential to any business’s long-term profitability. If you can’t connect with your consumers on a genuine level, you’re simply not going to last.

That’s why we encourage you to start investing in your ideal brand identity today. Build a brand identity alongside us after you contact our marketing services.

Powerful Ways to Level up Your Marketing Collateral

Businesses struggle from time to time to keep their brand relevant and produce results. Keep target audiences engaged in marketing collateral no matter what’s going on.

Effective marketing strategies pave the path to remaining successful. Consistently creating marketing material design ideas keeps you moving the needle. Try generating new leads for existing products while rolling out new products and services.

Design marketing collateral that makes it easy to accomplish your goals. Keep reading for powerful ways to level up your marketing deliverables.

Create Authentic Marketing Collateral

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends in producing cookie-cutter marketing materials. This practice will do nothing to improve your marketing deliveries.

Your company requires authentic marketing material design ideas unique to your business. The marketing collateral should tell a story about your brand, product, and service.

Showcase your brand’s best qualities in advertisements and marketing materials.

Focus More on Visuals

Visual marketing materials are what’s hot today. The trend has held steady year after year. You’ve noticed that videos are getting shorter if you’ve been paying attention. Yet, you still need to deliver a strong message.

Understand when it’s beneficial to your brand to provide long-form content. Know which platforms to share the marketing materials.

Follow social media protocols. Understand how your visuals are best utilized based on where they will get seen. Remain true to your message, and don’t force yourself into a box.

Focus on visuals in marketing deliverables that give your audience great content and valuable information. Always include a call-to-action, plus a link that connects to a landing page or website.

Personalize Your Content

Personalize your marketing collateral by making your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Address a need your product will solve.

Invest in a marketing strategy specific to the demographic you’re reaching. Show diversity in your marketing material designs.

Another solution is to utilize tools in your email marketing program. Allow subscribers to choose the types of emails they receive. Utilize website analytics to cater to user experience on your website.

Write blogs that speak to your target audience. Use visitor comments and questions to create new content.

Develop More Campaign Driven Content

Avoid creating individual marketing pieces independent of each other. Try creating content that tells a story. Look at your marketing strategy in the long term. Where is it taking the consumer?

Look at your existing marketing collateral to see how you can expand the content. Don’t shy away from repurposing what you already have in your arsenal.

Reuse images and videos with great responses to develop new marketing material design ideas.

It’s Time to Level Up!

Set your goal of expanding your marketing collateral portfolio as a top priority. Your marketing strategy is sure to have a greater return.

Here at Big Bold Thinkers, we have years of experience helping businesses with designing marketing collateral. Get in touch today to discover how we can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brand Activation

Is your brand marketing strategy struggling to attract consumers? Perhaps the issue goes back to your initial brand activation.

You’ve probably heard that you only have one chance to may a good first impression. Luckily, in today’s fast-track atmosphere, brands can have a do-over. Instead of seeing your brand rollout as a failure, see it as a test launch.

Revisit your objectives and determine what didn’t go as planned. Build from there or invest in brand activation services.

You want to create memorable experiences for your target audience. However, if you’re marketing using the wrong tactics in the wrong places, you’ll miss your mark.

Building a brand is essential to the success of your business. For a successful launch or relaunch, you need the right information. Keep reading for tips on the dos and don’ts of brand activation.

Do Understand What is Brand Activation

Brand activation is more than designing a professional logo, a tagline, and social media pages. Brand activation is a strategy to make people stop and take notice of a new player on the block.

You want your brand rollout to turn heard and garner interest in your business.

Brand building requires skill and marketing knowledge. You’ll need to know your target audience and where they are most likely to see your brand. Once you gather this information, the next step is to get your brand information to them.

Do Invest in Brand Building Strategies

There are multiple ways to build a brand. Investing in brand activation services can improve your return on investment.

By leaving your brand building to the pros, you have a team dedicated to building a strategy for your specific audience.

Do Become Intentional About Experimental Marketing

Experimental marketing is not a bad thing. Digital advertisement has presented many ways to reach audiences and build your brand.

Whether it’s social media, PPC advertising, or hiring a street team, plan strategically and capitalize on what works for your brand.

Don’t Hire People Not Trained in Street Marketing

Street team marketing is a way to get your information in the hands of people. Sometimes those people will stop and ask questions. Make sure your street team is knowledgeable about your product or services.

Don’t Overestimate Your Intended Results

It’s common for a new brand owner to believe everyone needs what they are offering. The biggest disappointment with brand activation is unrealistic expectations.

Everyone wants to receive 9,999 responses to the 10,000 marketing pieces distributed over the weekend. In reality, the number might reach 100 website visits and nine purchases.

The goal is to build brand momentum off those results.

Build the Brand of Your Dreams

A brand is your business introduction to the world. Don’t trust your brand activation to amateurs. Research the companies you’re considering working with for your brand launch.

Need help planning your brand activation? Contact us today, and we’ll help you build a brand that people notice.