Top Social Media Strategies That Drive B2B Sales

75% of business-to-business, B2B, buyers use social media to make a purchase decision. That is why it is crucial for businesses to have more than a social media presence. B2B sales are the outcome of well-organized social media strategies.

In this guide, we’ll touch on four ways to lead your consumer down a B2B sales funnel. Want to improve your social media to drive B2B sales? Keep reading.

1. Humanize Your Social Media to Drive B2B Sales

Most B2B companies were not early adopters of social media. They’ve lagged behind, and when they do share content, it is robotic. Humanize your content.

This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Write articles, captions and blog posts in the first person
  • Choose an employee or team to be “the face” of your social media
  • Share unique aspects of your brand missions, such as a commitment to sustainability

Your customers want to get to know YOU. It doesn’t matter that you’re selling to a business. At the end of the day, it is a person on the other end and they want to communicate with real people, just like in B2C.

2. Find a Social Media Expert

B2B marketing is tricky since a lot of times the products are not as glamorous as B2C. A social media expert will be able to create the copy and imagery which will make your products or services appear glamorous to consumers.

It’s about gaining traction through awareness before leads. This is done by harnessing the power of social media storytelling.

3. Choose the Right Social Media Strategies

The first strategy to think about is where you are and where your customers are. Linkedin has proven for years to be the best social media platform for B2B. Why?

Linkedin brands itself as a professional social media network. It is where business people go to make connections. Ensure that your presence on Linkedin is solid.

You can grow your social media strategies outside of LinkedIn too. Focus on where your customer hangs out the most. 93% of B2B companies credit Linkedin as their most effective social media tool.

4. SMART Goals

A common mistake in B2B marketing is a lack of strategy. Creating SMART goals is an easy way to develop a strategy:

  • Specific: List your strategy, outreach, and content calendar here.
  • Measurable: Goals must be measured so you can assess progress and drop anything ineffective
  • Attainable: Set small goals that create incremental progress. Setting unattainable goals will only set you up for disappointment
  • Relevant: Remember your B2B sales funnel and create goals that will lead to conversions.
  • Time: Add deadlines and schedules to keep you disciplined in accomplishing your goals.

SMART goals are a tool used in many industries to measure and improve social media strategy.

Boost Your B2B Social Media

Follow the four steps above to use social media to drive B2B sales. We recommend hiring an expert to develop your social media strategies. This will save you time, but also ensure you maximize your return on investment.

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Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns: Which Should You Use?

If you want your business to boost engagement and drive conversations, it’s no secret that you have to use marketing. Yet, with so many different techniques available, there can be a lot of trial and error at your expense. Luckily, every savvy marketer knows that a bit of market research can go a long way.

Finding out the best way to get in front of your customers will be a win for you. That’s why a lot of companies tend to compare Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns. Which one is better and why should your company use either?

So many businesses have the same questions about email drip marketing and lead nurturing campaigns. We decided to help make it easier to understand which one is right for your company. Here’s everything you need to know about Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns.

What Is Drip Email Marketing?

When you hear a marketer refer to drip email marketing, that usually means a set of pre-written emails or “drips” that will be sent out to current customers and prospects over time. A company can communicate with its customers about product updates, free trial information, and more when using drip email marketing.

What Are Lead Nurturing Campaigns?

Marketers use lead nurturing campaigns as personalized automated messages to help customers along their buyer’s journey. The goal of a lead nurturing campaign is to provide customers with insight that drives a specific action in that journey.

Lead nurturing campaigns are customizable and targeted to nurture a customer until they are ready to buy. They are primarily emails but can be used with any medium, such as social media posts, SMS messages, and video content.

Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns, it’s not a question of which one is better; it depends on the intended goal of the marketing initiative.

If you are trying to guide your customers through the sales funnel until they convert, drip email marketing can be a perfect way to achieve that. If you want customized messages sent to prospective customers based on their activity, it is good to place them in a lead nurturing campaign.

In some cases, your drip email marketing will be a part of your lead nurturing campaigns. For example, a customer comes to your business’s webpage and downloads a whitepaper. You can decide that they need to be in one of your lead nurturing campaigns, and you can use drip email marketing for that.

When to Use Drip Email Marketing

A drip email marketing strategy may be best when you want a timed email message to be delivered to your customers or prospective buyers. If you’ve recently had an event such as a webinar or conference, drip email marketing is a great way to stay top of mind and follow up with your customers.

When to Use Lead Nurturing Campaigns

You want to use lead nurturing campaigns when you have an active inbound marketing strategy in place. It is also a good idea to use lead nurturing campaigns when trying to establish trust and increase brand awareness.

Ready To Power Your Marketing Initiatives?

Understanding Drip Email Marketing vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns can help power your marketing initiatives to become more successful. Yet, using both email drip marketing and lead nurturing campaigns can take your marketing to the next level.

If you are looking for the best way to market your brand, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

Voice Search Optimization – SEO Tips To Rank Better

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital advertising (and therefore advertising) in the 21st century. Are you aware that less than one percent of people make it to the second page of search engine results?

However, SEO isn’t as simple as creating backlinks and figuring out what people are typing into their phones. Updates in voice searching technology mean that more people than ever are not typing, but speaking their searches.

This means voice search optimization is the next frontier for companies who care about digital marketing and SEO.

This article will act as your voice search optimization guide and walk you through some key principles of how people use voice technology, and teach you how to plan your very own voice search strategy.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords of four or more words. When people make use of voice search, they’re mostly using long-tail keywords.

Believe it or not, we actually tend to use more words when we conduct a voice search. When we write our thoughts down, we have time to revise, use our internal editor, and take out/add a word before we hit “search”. We don’t have this time when using voice search.

This means that what comes out is less filtered, and often a bit longer. We recommend doing some research into which long-tail keywords are being used to find your company. They’re probably only going to become more and more popular.

Heck, long-tail keywords already account for about 70 percent of searches.

More Casual Phrases

Not only do people search longer phrases when they use voice search, but they also use more casual phrases. With friendly voices talking back to us like Siri and Alexa, it’s no wonder why people feel like their phones in a conversational tone of voice.

Conversational search phrases often come in the form of a question.

People typing are much more aware, subconsciously, that they’re sifting through data. If they want to find a good burger restaurant, they might search “cheap burger restaurant” — cold, calculated, efficient.

However, when they’re talking Siri or Alexa, and using a more conversational tone, they’ll subconsciously want to sound more like they’re having a conversation. Looking for a burger restaurant, they might say “where can I find the best cheap burger?”

Harder Work

Unfortunately, adding casual phrases and long-tail keywords is harder work for you. It’s much harder to work in keywords that practically sentence into your blog content. However, this is something you’re going to have to do if you want to capitalize on the world of voice search SEO.

Understand Voice Search Optimization

If you want to succeed in SEO in 2021, you’re going to have to move beyond typical search engine usage and move into the world of voice search.

The best ways to make use of voice search optimization strategies are to work a little harder and try to work longer/more casual keywords into your posts.

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The Complete Guide to Attraction Marketing

Did you know that half of all searchers use the internet to discover new products? If your marketing strategy isn’t working overtime to attract the attention of your ideal client, then you need attraction marketing.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is or how to implement it because we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about attraction marketing and how to create your strategy for success.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is the strategy many companies are successfully using to draw their customers to their brand online. This unique approach works to catch the interest of potential prospects and then show them the benefits of your products or services.

If you’ve ever tried a sample at a store, then you’ve experienced in-person attraction marketing. Online, you will notice it any time you see an Instagram Live or YouTube video in which the influencer mentions how much their product helps them achieve their goals.

How to Create an Attraction Marketing Strategy

To get the attention of your ideal customers, you need to create the right attraction marketing strategies. Ultimately, your digital marketing goal is to create content that will pique the interest of your audience by providing valuable information. Once you have their attention, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Focus on the features and benefits
  3. Choose the right channels
  4. Build up your brand

When you follow this formula correctly, your audience will come to you rather than constantly needing to push your message out to them. This is how you can scale your growth as your message will draw in the exact audience who wants and needs your products or services.

Top Attraction Marketing Tips

As you create your content, remember to keep your audience at the center of everything you do. Every word you write, video you shoot, and the images you create needs to be tailor-made for your customers. Follow these tips for success and you’ll draw in your ideal customers every day:

  • Be authentic
  • Build trust first
  • Focus on your audience
  • Educate and entertain

Your goal is to create content that connects with your audience emotionally while also educating them about your product or service. Emphasize the value you offer while also entertaining your audience and building their trust; this is the recipe for success online. Use this attraction marketing guide to create content your audience wants and is searching for every day.

Get Seen in a Crowded Market

The goal of attraction marketing is to get found by your ideal audience who already needs and wants what you offer. And you can do that with this short guide.

If you feel you need more attraction marketing advice, don’t be afraid to reach out to an expert. You don’t have to create your marketing strategy by yourself. We’re here to help you connect with your audience and grow your business today.