What Makes Us Excited About iOS 14 Update?

Apple has 23.4% of the mobile market. They are renowned for having a higher level of security and for sharing fewer data with third parties.

Continuous updates aim to make the user experience better, as well as improved security features. So what’s all the hype about the iOS 14 update?

Let us break it down for you.

1. A Personalized Home Screen

One of the most fun features we like about the new iOS update is the personalized home screen. You can change what is on the home screen and even personalize the icons for your apps.

You can add widgets such as photos or weather or date and time and style them in the way you like. Have a favorite colour? Then try this – design your home screen using a colour theme or specific design.

Check out the home screen designs on Pinterest for inspiration on what you should try.

There’s another feature called App Library that helps you to organize all your apps. You can send all the apps you don’t want cluttering up your home screen to the library. The apps won’t be deleted, just saved until you want to use them.

2. The iOS 14 Update Has Better Security

The iOS14 has enhanced security features such as limiting the data transferred to third-party apps.

There is a more explicit opportunity for you to opt out of data tracking. This will make it harder for companies to see how you found them and to track your browser activity.

You can check which data websites collect about you by tapping the Aa button in the Safari browser bar. It will give you the option to view a privacy report. This will show all the ad trackers that have been following you around the internet for the past 30 days.

3. You Can Browse In Chrome

If you aren’t a Safari fan, you can now choose which browser links automatically open in. You can set your default as Chrome and never have to deal with Sarafi again!

4. Updates in iMessage

This is another fun one! Memojis have had an update, so you can have even more fun sending animated talking characters with your voice to your friends!

5. Better Camera and Voicenotes

The updated camera app is easier to access; you can quickly open it and shoot. Shot to shot is also new and improved.

There are options to determine the image quality before you shoot it too. For the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, you can choose to shoot in Pro Raw quality. You can determine the image’s exposure before you take it. The updates also allow you to shoot amazing video content.

Sound enhancing technology makes the voice notes app more precise, with better-quality voice memos.

Update and Personalize Your Phone

The iOS 14 update allows you to make your phone more personalized than has ever been possible. Gone are the days when everyone’s home screen looked the same.

We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we do and make your phone work for you and your business.

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