These Marketing Tips Help Your Event Planning Business Pivot

Every so often, external factors present shocks to various industries. The COVID-19 pandemic and harsh financial climate produced just such a downturn in events planning. Event demand and needs have changed, upending the status quo. Here are some ideas to help your event planning business market itself during good times and bad.

Communication is Key

If you have an existing client base or set of followers on social media, apprise them of relevant regulatory changes. Sympathize with their own changing circumstances. You demonstrate expertise and nurture customer relationships by displaying compassion and sharing knowledge.

It may also be a good idea to let customers know what’s going on with your business. Storytelling can be pretty powerful and consumers become invested in your success as an SME. You don’t want to pull the sympathy card out all the time, but if it’s brand-appropriate, it can keep your company afloat during a crisis.

Stay Consistent

Pay attention to your digital marketing if you’re venturing down new paths. You don’t want to confuse your social media audience. Maintain clarity by directing followers to new company-related accounts that cut down the clutter in your feed. Data and analytics can give you necessary clues about what’s working and where there is potential.

Think Out of the Box

Mentally prepare to change the way you do business. Aim to make your company more versatile and flexible, so there’s less chance that financial or natural disasters can bring you to your knees.

You have to pull up your mental sleeves and get creative to survive trying times. Be strategic and look for glimmers of opportunity in your current context. Remote events, for example, allow so many more people to participate in events.

In addition, consider how you can offer clients value without taking a knock. Ask for feedback when you experiment, and you’ll be able to finesse your approach to ensure satisfaction. In the events profession, customer service is king no matter the season.

Explore Digital Events

If you’re in the corporate events and conferences game, you’ll have realized quite early on in the pandemic that digital events are no longer the future; they’re the present. And additional capabilities such as holograms are going to become popular in the age of the metaverse.

For everyone else, consider using now-common platforms like Zoom to plan new takes on traditional events, whether wholly virtual or hybrid. You can ratchet up anticipation or the experience itself with teaser packages, event boxes, and other tangible deliverables.

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The Importance of Nurturing a New Relationship in Business in 2021

Networking and nurturing a new relationship in business can be time-consuming, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

Now more than ever, businesses must rely on each other to succeed and grow. Building trustworthy, dependable, and supportive relationships are beneficial to you and your company.

From event planning to provide services, you can do so many things to help build those B2B relationships. If you want to see your business bloom in 2021, this is why you should be taking your business relationships to the next level.

Building Trust

You’re the one who protects your company, brand, and customers from people and partners who don’t have your best interests at heart. You can do this by building trustworthy and reliable relationships.

The best part is, with a trustworthy business relationship, you’re not just adding that one person to your network. You also add all of those people that they can count on too.

Cultivating Support

Once you’ve developed and nurtured business relationships you trust, you get to support one another. Whether this is through business or advice, having a trustworthy support system helps any business, especially in trying times like these.

Demonstrates Diligence

Who is the business relationship manager in your company? To keep up with your essential business relationships, you have to nurture them. However, this can be tough if you don’t take the time or effort. That’s where the business relationship manager comes in.

Employing someone focused on building relationships with other businesses can help your company succeed. They may even help grow sustainable relationships that open new doors.

Makes Event Planning Easier

Company event planning and networking get-togethers are the perfect places to meet new people and expand upon your already successful network of reliable relationships.

You can meet new people, conduct business with potential clients, and open your business to new opportunities. There are endless types of business relationships to develop.

Your Business Thrives

Building relationships in business isn’t only beneficial on the back end but also in terms of meeting goals and sales. When you build great relationships with clients, they want to keep using your service or buying your product. The same goes for business relationships.

When you nurture a healthy business relationship, your business grows too. They may find you as a necessary supplier to help with a project, or you may develop a collaboration or even partner on certain projects!

The opportunities are endless when you’re open to creating lasting relationships between businesses.

Put Time Into Nurturing a New Relationship for Your Business

Put time and effort into nurturing a new relationship, and you’ll see how your business thrives! With support and trust, you and your new network can open opportunities for one another you may have never received otherwise.

Start 2021 off right and work on preserving old business relationships and growing new ones. You never know when you might rely on their support for your own success.

For more Big Bold Thinking, subscribe to our blog or contact us so we can help you with your event planning or activations! We want to see your business and relationships succeed!