Capture Customers’ Attention With Custom Banner and Signs

Using Custom Banner and Signs for Effective Outdoor Marketing

Custom banners and signs are effective tools for advertising outdoors because they effectively capture people’s attention. They add a unique dimension to your advertising strategy because they engage with your audience in real life, thereby having a visceral impact unlike that of any of your online campaigns.

Successful businesses tap into this and other advantages of custom banners and signs. Other benefits include their versatility, which lets you choose custom banners or signs with finishes, colours, images, sizes and typeface that matches your brand. Choosing the right custom banners and signs can create a buzz around your brand in your community.

This article briefly outlines the types of custom banners and signs and the benefits of using them for your outdoor advertising.

Types of Custom Banners and Signs

Vinyl Banners

These custom banners are popular because they are customizable, durable, inexpensive and versatile. You can easily switch between having them indoors and outdoors because they’re tear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when you move them around. If you store them properly, you can use the vinyl banner and signs for a long time.

Fabric Banners

If you plan to invest in fabric banners, go for high-quality ones that are easy to reuse, wash and store. Doing so is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The downside of fabric banners and signs is that they don’t do well in harsh weather and fade.

Mesh and Other Types of Banners

The custom banners and signs are lightweight and translucent. They’re typically used outdoors because they’re wind-resistant and durable. You can, however, use them indoors. Besides vinyl, fabric and mesh, other types of custom banners and signs include

  • Wall-hung banners
  • Ceiling banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Pop-up displays
  • Feather banners
  • PVC banners

Benefits of Using Custom Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs are an excellent addition to your signage strategy for attracting new customers. Here are some benefits of custom banners and signs.

  • Capture attention cost-effectively. You can cost-effectively attract people’s attention to welcome your customers, announce a sale or create awareness about your business.
  • Improves brand awareness. Your customers see your message multiple times, which grows your audience and increases the number of walk-ins.
  • Maximize impact with mobility. You can move your custom banners and signs to positions with maximum visibility and impact.
  • Augment your advertising campaigns. Adding custom banners and signs outside your business can complement your interior signage and make your overall advertising campaign more engaging.
  • Direct your customers. You can use custom banners and signs to provide directions to your business and make it easy to find.
  • Use long-lasting signage. High-quality custom banners and signs can endure most weather conditions and last longer while maintaining their lustre.

Market Effectively With Custom Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs can make all the difference in your advertising. They’re available in different varieties and benefit your business in several ways, including cost-effectiveness, high impact and durability. Contact Big Bold Thinkers today to learn how to market effectively using custom signs and banners.