How To Plan a Community Event

How to Plan a Community Event

There are many aspects to planning a community event. Successful engagements become anticipated affairs because of their seamless unfolding and momentous objective. Planning a community event also comes with its fair share of needs and challenges. Here are ways to maneuver through the hurdles and throw a memorable community engagement.

Develop Your Community Event Goal and Objective 

Set tangible goals and objectives first when planning your event. Why does the community need this engagement? Find the aim of the event. Knowing the purpose will determine the type of event that will effectively meet the objectives.

If it is a corporate event, you may need to merge community needs with the company’s brand, values, and vision. A festival will require communal activities like a sports competition, a cook-off, or an eating challenge. Similarly, a workshop event will require activities that appeal to the community.

Build a Planning Team for the Community Engagement

Successful community engagement events have a planning committee. You cannot handle all the responsibilities of a community event alone. Have a team of experts while planning your event. The goal and objectives of the community engagement determine who you need on board. The scale of the event influences the size of the committee.

The team will list all responsibilities and effective ways of ensuring their fulfilment. The committee members also get individual roles for the smooth running of the event.


Budget discussions ensue once the committee comes up with the preferred layout of the community event. You may already have allocated funds for the event and base your deliberations on available funding. You may need strategies involving the community to raise funds or involve the local government.

Local businesses are always willing to financially support a worthy cause as part of their corporate social responsibility. Residents can raise funds by buying products or services to raise funds for the event. You could also use available funds and charge a small fee for participants to raise funds. The bottom line is, with a committee, you can always find several ways to fund the event.

Market the Event

Get the message about the event to the community. Raising awareness is significant if the community engagement requires participants or community involvement in raising funds. Residents need to know the importance of the event and how they can participate.

Include the costs and activities of the event. Is it a family affair? Are children and pets allowed to participate? Ensure that the message is appealing and the event affordable and worthwhile.


Make provision for several insurance covers while planning your event. Community engagement events have high-risk factors. Someone could get hurt from one of the activities, or an accident may occur damaging adjacent property. Have an expert explain the risks involved when planning the event and get the relevant policies as mitigation strategies.


You may need permits to make loud noise or a license to use music or videos. Different places have varying requirements for holding events. Check with the local government to find out the legal documentation you require for the community engagement.