AI-Generated Content for Content Creators

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix movies, you are familiar with AI (artificial intelligence). Do you ever get the feeling you are living in a simulation? The fact is that artificial intelligence has quickly become integrated into our lives so well, you have become accustomed to it.

Have you ever come across an article that sort of feels not 100% human? Chances are it was some AI-generated content. What is AI-generated content?

Read our guide below to learn the pros and cons of AI-generated content.

Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Content

When weighing the pros and cons of AI-generated content, it comes down to an individual or company’s morals and choice. If you are a part of a digital marketing team, should you choose AI-generated content or not?

Pro: Makes Work Easier

One of the main pros of AI-generated content is that it makes everyone’s jobs a bit easier. You won’t have to have so many people on staff when you have AI on your side. Profitability will likely increase as a result because you’ll be able to crank out content at a higher clip.

You can shift your focus to higher priorities when bringing AI-generated content into the fold too.

Pro: Human Touch

One of the main benefits of AI-generated content is that it is made by humans. While we may be living in a simulation or matrix, at the end of the day, it’s still humans “writing the ship.”

Whatever you wish to program into the machine, the machine will follow the command. Developers and professionals alike will teach the computer through written algorithms and code. This means that the AI-generated content can easily be tweaked to your liking.

Pro: Cross-Platform Reach

Cross-platform reach is one of the biggest benefits of AI-generated content. You can drastically increase your work output when AI is in the mix. You can operate with a skeleton crew with more independence and freedom than before.

Things like communication will be leaner too. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the content going by the wayside either.

Con: Zero Opinions

When AI-generated content is being produced, you’ll notice the absence of subjectivity. Artificial intelligence will be able to handle things like features of products for example. Where it will miss the mark is when it needs to give an opinion.

The beauty of things being written by humans, is that we can interject our personal experiences and stories, right?

Con: Lacks the Human Element

One of the disadvantages of AI-generated content is that it doesn’t handle depth too well. While it can handle a larger volume of content, you may find yourself scratching your head at what is being written. Nothing can replace the human element.

Con: Inability to Generate New Ideas

The way AI-generated content works is by inputting data to chew on. The inability to generate new and fresh ideas is one of the disadvantages of AI-generated content. AI doesn’t have common sense like humans.

AI Is a Tool Not a Replacement

Remember, it’s best to see AI-generated content as a tool, not a replacement. Whether you are doing personal work or on staff, it’s best to use a blend. If you rely too heavily on one format, people may miss the human touch.

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