5 Ways to Use Event Branding to Stay Relevant in the Business World

Around 62% of customers expect businesses to anticipate their needs. Using event branding to your advantage helps your business outshine the competition.

Event branding involves using your organization’s brand to create a branded event. The goal of this type of event is to create a brand experience that improves your new and/or pre-existing brand relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, branded events are happening all of the time. Many of these events are digital, but they’re still happening with a significant success rate.

Here’s what you should know about staying relevant with event branding:

1. Show Off Your Products and Services

Brand awareness spreads the word about your brand, which is why brand awareness events are so important. Events promote brand awareness by tying a specific brand to the particular theme or activities associated with the event.

Throwing events that show people how to use your products or services raises brand awareness. It also educates consumers about what your business has to offer them.

For instance, you could host a virtual class that provides information and instructions regarding your products and services. People generally consider consumer events like this to be helpful.

2. Choose the Right Design Elements

Branding through events means knowing how to pick design elements that flaunt your event and brand all at once. This involves designing an event logo that’s partially inspired by your business’s logo, but with its own touch. This ensures the event remains branded while also maintaining an event brand of its own.

Stick to your brand colors, as color drastically improves brand recognition. If you do use different colors, make sure they’re within your brand’s palette.

Keep in mind that your event’s visual elements play a role in how successful you’ll be in promoting it on social media.

3. Associate Your Brand with Notable Speakers

The best event branding services strive to associate your event with a notable speaker or public figure. Featuring a notable figure will create and amplify the hype surrounding your event. It’ll also improve your brand image.

Always choose a speaker who’s relevant to the event’s theme or purpose. The speaker doesn’t have to be famous, but they should have a decent following.

4. Add Value

Successful events provide value to their attendants. That means they add value by contributing something positive to people’s lives. This is why free virtual workshops are becoming more popular among consumers.

Think about handing out goodie bags at your next branded event. It’ll increase brand recall.

5. Customer Appreciation

Let your next Big Brand Event be a customer appreciation event! It sends the message that your brand cares about its customers.

Provide guests with promotional freebies as presents. That way, attendees will always have a physical object that advertises your brand to whoever sees it.

Nothing Compares to Professional Event Branding

72% of small business owners are remaining optimistic about their future. You’ll feel especially optimistic about your event if you trust experienced professionals with your event branding.

Keep in mind that every event requires a working event branding strategy. Plus, event branding professionals know where to find the best event branding inspiration.

Throw an event that benefits your brand — contact us to learn more about our services for events and activations. Your customers will truly appreciate it.