What Is Google My Business and Why Do I Need It?

It’s not a secret. Google has without a doubt become one of the most popular search engines in the world. And while you may utilize it often as a consumer, it’s just as important for business owners.

For starters, Google has excellent resources for business owners who want their companies to list on the top of search engines. One of the staples? Google My Business.

If you’re looking for a great way to increase your local search result rankings, you need to make a Google My Business listing. Here are all the benefits of creating your own listing.

What Is Google My Business?

Before creating a listing, you may want to know what’s the big deal behind Google My Business. If you have ever searched a business on Google, you have probably run into their business profile. Profiles are usually located on the right side of the Google page and have a phone number, address, and hours of operations listed.

The Benefits of Using Google My Business

If you don’t believe there are any real benefits in using Google My Business, think again! Here’s are some ways listing your business on Google can help you generate business.

Click to Call Phone

One of the most convenient features associated with Google My Business is their click to call feature. If a potential client has a question regarding your products or services, they are not only able to view your number but can press it and immediately get a real-time conversation.


Let’s face it. Reviews are so important when it comes to validating a company. Studies show that over 60% of customers form an opinion about a company when reading reviews.

Fortunately, creating a Google listing provides an easier way for you to manage Google My Business reviews. Not only can you evaluate areas of improvement, but you can thank customers for leaving positive feedback as well.


Adding photos to your Google listing is so important when it comes to promoting your business. It gives your clients a better picture of what your company is about and what they should expect when they enter the premises.


Last but not least in conjunction with Google Analytics, you can gain access to back-end insights. Want to check how your listing is doing in your local market? You can check it here. Want to see what keywords are getting customers to click on your site? You can check it here too!

The Benefits of Google My Business and More!

Whether you’re looking to learn about the benefits of Google My Business or are simply looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, we’re here to help. We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable marketing agency. Fortunately, we excel at helping customers like you target their ideal demographic.

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