Social Commerce 2021 Trends: Tactics and Tools to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Social media has made great gains in connecting businesses with consumers. As technology evolves so do the tools major platforms have created to help retailers strengthen their brands.

Social commerce allows businesses to interact with consumers without leaving the platform where the initial communication begins. You no longer have to reroute people to your website or have them call a toll-free number. It also eliminates the need to send an email that may sit in an inbox for days or weeks.

Interactions take place in real-time which means responses are faster and resolutions are quicker.

Are you a business owner looking to create an e-commerce strategy? Keep reading to learn more about the latest trends for your business.

Use Social Commerce to Sell Directly From Facebook

Social media targeting is a large portion of a business digital marketing strategy. Expect to see new advancements on social media sites like Facebook to give people a one-stop-shop experience.

Facebook currently has options for businesses to sell their products from business pages. The apps are currently limited, but someone can do well enough in sales to make it worth their time to set-up.

Incorporate Chatbots and AI

Incorporating chatbots into your e-commerce strategy allows convenience for customers to contact your business while on social media. Chatbots can answer basic questions. Create a list of commonly asked questions and use artificial intelligence to provide the answers.

The benefit of chatbots is to eliminate the need for a person to be accessible 24 hours a day. You’ll have times when someone will need a human response. When this happens, develop an option for the person to text or use messenger to send more detailed information.

Create Live Stream Experiences

When it comes to the discussion of social commerce vs e-commerce, it isn’t about one being better than the other. Instead, the discussion is more of how can they complement each other.

Live streaming is becoming the premiere function across social media. Businesses can use live streaming to introduce new products and promote existing ones. It also allows customers to engage.

Engagement on live streams includes Q & A’s and people giving testimonials. You can also incorporate a segment where certified buyers can join the call.

Change Your Approach to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was big news a few years ago. It has since died down. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s no longer a part of social commerce.

Today is about building partnerships. Instead of seeking people that’ll charge a fortune, partner with other entrepreneurs. Use cross-promotion marketing to gain awareness.

You can also do joint promotions via live streams.

Step Into Your Social Commerce

Social commerce isn’t something to fear. Embrace the possibilities or how far you can take your business by using social media. All tools aren’t a perfect fit for every company. Explore what works for you.

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