Top 30 Ways to Promote Your Business

If you’re a new company, established and struggling to keep with the times, or stuck for ideas, you’ll be surprised how small changes can generate substantial business gains.

Here are 30 different ways you can promote your business to hit your goals.

Promote Your Business for Free

Everyone loves a freebie. Often these are the quickest and easiest ways to generate business. People need to know who you are.

So here are five free methods that won’t touch your budget.

1: Encourage Word of Mouth

2: Volunteer for Charity

3: Make the News

4: Get Yourself Listed On Business Directories

5: Ask Friends and Family for Help

Ideas for a Quick Fix

It isn’t all about saving money. Sometimes it’s a matter of urgency and damage limitation.

A quick fix is always short-term to start. Still, many of these promotional ideas can be applied long-term and used in your promotional material to highlight how your business is growing.

6: Check Your Grammar

7: Hire a PR Agency

8: Conduct a Business Clean-Up Operation

9: Extend Opening Hours

10: Keep Up with Current Affairs

Develop Your Back-End Business

So how can you promote your business this way?

Well, focusing on improving your operations will result in better time management and improve your overall product quality.

11: Outsource Your Website

12: Invest In Quality Software

13: Run Google and Facebook Ads

14: Keep Up with Current Affairs

15: Re-Brand Your Business

Focus On Your Customers

Customers and clients bring you income.

Proactive engagement is the best way to understand your business from the outside. That way, you gain a proper understanding of what it means to become your customer.

16: Encourage Reviews and Feedback

17: Respond to Everyone

18: Give out Thank You Cards

19: Run Promotional Offers for Repeat Customers

20: Offer Recommendations

Focus on Social Media

It’s easy to forget that social media isn’t just about posting pictures of cats. When used correctly, it can be a very effective way of generating business.

Whether you manage this yourself or get someone else to do it, communication is vital to ensure the right message gets across.

21: Start a YouTube Channel

22: Become a LinkedIn Professional

23: Create a Facebook Group for Community Vibes

24: Use Twitter as Your Business Brain

25: Allow Your Ideas to Shine on Pinterest

Wildcard Ideas to Inspire

These last five are here for fun to get your brain thinking. But these might inspire you to develop the idea into something you can put into practice.

How will you change the world?

26: Break a World Record

27: Create a Theme Song

28: Run a Geocaching Event

29: Become a Character in a Video Game

30: Turn an April Fools Idea Into a Reality

Any Promotion is Better Than None

There’s a saying in some industries that bad press is better than no press. Therefore, if you can get the basics right and come up with something unique but relevant, you’ll increase your revenue in no time.

Now you know how to promote your business, so it’s time to get started!

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