The Most Effective Principles on How to Create the Best Web Design

We live in the digital age, and every company that wants to survive must have a digital presence. E-commerce is steadily becoming the main source of consumption. By 2021, e-commerce will generate $4.5 trillion in sales, and by 2040, it is projected that e-commerce will account for 95 percent of all transactions.

If you want to have a piece of this huge pie, you have to create a website. However, your website has to be appealing and navigable for people. This can seem difficult to make happen, but don’t worry here’s an effective guide to creating the best web design.

Website Purpose

Your website must be recognizable and should be designed with the consumer in mind, catering to their every question. They should answer the most basic questions:

  • What’s your website for?
  • Why are you here?
  • What can this website do for the consumer?

If these are not answered, you need to reevaluate the website’s purpose and realign it. Your website is made to serve the consumer, and if you don’t understand your own website purpose, an everyday consumer won’t either.

Remember the core purposes of most websites: Recognition of your brand, description of your services/products, promotion, and customer relations.

Image Use

The imagery on your website is crucial. Let’s be honest, people don’t like to read, in fact, over 90 percent of people prefer visual content overwritten.

Images will bring more interest from consumers, as they can see the products or services they are investing their money into. Adding images will make creating your website both easier and more effective for its target audience.

Choosing the best images for your website is something we do well at Big Thinkers. We can make your website aesthetically pleasing while balancing the effectiveness of the images.

F-Shape Formatting

Studies show that our eyes follow the “F-pattern” when reading. Most times, the eyes don’t even make it to the right of the screen. The F-pattern follows the same way we are taught to read in the West.

By strategically placing important images or crucial information closer to the left, you make consumers more apt to view what’s there.

Easy Navigation

Navigation of your website is integral to the retention of visitors. They should be readily able to find whatever they are looking for on your website. If not, navigating for them will be too difficult and confusing.

They then will give up and go elsewhere that’s easier. We can make this happen at Big Thinker.

Mobile Friendly

Website design also includes making a mobile-friendly version. Most people spend the most time online using their phones.

Making a website design that caters to this fact is important to the success of your website, and one we can take care of at Big Thinkers.

Create the Best Web Design

When trying to create the best web design, you have to consider several things. If you want to make money, then you should be sure to follow these points. At Big Bold Thinkers, we understand what you need in a good website design.

Let us build that website for you so you can get a slice of that money pie. It tastes delicious. Be sure to contact us here if you have any questions or would like to know about what we have to offer.