How to Create a Brand Voice That Boosts Your SEO Strategy

If you own a business, you already know how important it is to have a digital presence and a loyal base of followers on the internet. According to new information from the PEW Research Center, 85% of Americans are on the internet daily, with over 30% online constantly throughout the day.

The question is how, do you connect with them and convert them into customers? The answer is simple – through an effective SEO strategy and consistent brand voice development.

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn how to create a brand voice and use it to give your company an SEO advantage over the competition.

1. Decide Who Your Target Market Is

You may be wondering what is brand voice anyways? It has to do with the way you connect with your consumers, the way you communicate as a business.

With that being said, to develop a compelling brand voice strategy, it’s critical to know who your customer base consists of. If you haven’t done any research on your target market, now is the time. It would help if you researched to find things like their:

  • Age range
  • Interests/ hobbies
  • Average income
  • And preferences

Knowing your customer base can help give you clues about how you should develop your brand voice and what style to use.

2. Develop a Brand Personality

When thinking about your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to consider who you are as a business and what you represent, or what your values consist of. These traits and tendencies become your brand personality over time – it’s the way you are viewed in the customer’s eyes.

You should also consider what the consumer wants from you. Do they want you to be funny? Or do they want you to keep it professional? The more you know your customers and what they want from you, the easier it will be to develop your brand personality.

As your brand personality is developing, it will become an integral part of your brand voice strategy.

3. Stay Consistent

A significant component of building a brand voice and gaining an SEO advantage is staying consistent. Being consistent on all platforms, including social media, can help you find new consumers and engage with existing ones.

Social media is a critical component in any digital marketing strategy. According to recent information, nearly 80% of all individuals have at least one social media profile. The secret is to stay consistent with content and to engage with users regularly.

4. Evaluate and Adjust

Like with any SEO strategy, it is vital to evaluate and adjust your performance regularly. You should be evaluating things like where your website traffic is coming from, is it from:

  • Organic content
  • Social media
  • Videos

You can track the performance and see where you are most successful with gaining traffic. Then, adjust your content as needed. If people are less engaged on your socials, consider altering your brand voice strategy slightly and see if you notice any improvements.

Developing Your Brand Voice: Getting Started

The most important part of developing your brand voice and enhancing your SEO strategy is getting started. The longer you wait, the more time the competition has to pull ahead. Remember to stay consistent and let your unique brand connect with the consumers.

If you are ready to grow your digital presence and develop your brand voice, contact us today, and we can help you get started on your digital journey.