Level up Your Next Online Event: The 411 on Virtual Event Giveaways

You are swag.

You are an innovative businessperson. You want interesting and engaging ways to connect with your clients. You give to people every day, and the best way to reach clients is to just keep giving.

Virtual event giveaways are becoming one of the most popular ways to reach out to clients. Get in on the action with this guide.

Activate Your Brand: The Theory of Virtual Event Giveaways

Clients have stuff. The average household has 30 promotional items. But clients remember where they got that stuff; 85% of consumers remember the advertisers who gave them those items.

Every time a consumer wears a branded T-shirt, they see the brand and remember it. They tie the brand to something positive, an item they can use in their day-to-day life. The recall and positive view of the brand encourage them to do business with the brand.

Promotional items are also a subtle way of promoting with others. A T-shirt can reach more than 6,000 people. Someone walking by sees the branded T-shirt, and they remember and want to do business with the brand.

Swag works even when it is virtual. The key is to give away items that attendees will value. You have many choices.

Virtual Event Giveaway Ideas

Consider specializing your swag. Give packages to general event attendees, but also give special packages to speakers and VIPs.

Speaker packages can include custom backdrops. Zoom features virtual backgrounds, and you can create your own for your event. Include your brand name and other meaningful visuals.

You can have one-on-one meetings between your VIPs and important people in your company. Schedule a time that works best for both parties, and loop the VIPs in on your plans and ideas. Give them time to respond.

For general attendees, you can send out coupon codes. Providing discounts encourages them to buy more products. They also remember you for having lower prices and for valuing customer loyalty.

If you are location-oriented, you can send out virtual flipbooks about your location. Include photographs and writings about your city or country. Send out lists of places to visit, and give out travel pointers.

If you are health-oriented, you can send out guides. Include recipes, playlists of songs, and daily wellness rituals.

Promote interactivity through contests and special events. Put up premium prizes, including physical goods like drinkware and apparel. Encourage attendees to write, give speeches, and take photos of different things.

You can also tie in social media campaigns to your events. Encourage people to share or respond to your content in exchange for rewards.

Go Big, Go Bold

If you want swagger, you should give away swag. Swag activates your brand, putting it into action through useful and fun items that your clients use.

Virtual event giveaways work just as well as live event giveaways. Specialize and personalize giveaways to speakers and VIPs. Give out coupon codes and E-books to general attendees.

You can level up your next event with the right help. Big Bold Thinkers offers a number of marketing and creative services to meet your needs. Contact us today.