Top 5 Upgrades to Google Ads Features Google Ads

Google is always staying on the cutting edge of search engine technology to help maximize audience reach to consumers so that they can acquire and hold onto their customer base.

The company recently added or upgraded several smart features to their design that are sure to help you expand your internet sales and give you an advantage in sales. Here are the top 5 updates to Google Ads features and how you can make them work for you.

Gallery Ads

Gallery ads are interactive and are found at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. Under the standard text link, a gallery ad provides images that can be swiped.

The visual and creative appeal of gallery ads are undeniable. Early results found a 25% increase in engagement based on clicks and swipes.

Free Listing on Google Shopping

Google Ads features now allows merchants to display products for free. This is also being expanded to the main Google search page. Whereas it used to be that only sponsored items appeared on these pages, now all items have the possibility of appearing based on search relevancy.

In order to take full advantage of this feature, you need to make sure that your product is found on Surfaces of Google. Make sure that you have a website with a structured data markup so that Google can analyze and appropriately place you on the page.

New Customer Aquisition

This new feature will allow you to will help you increase the number of new customers you acquire. It does this by optimizing the conversion value of new purchasers allowing you to focus on those consumers in a way that will build loyalty.

Make sure to connect Google Analytics and Google Ads so you can take full advantage of this feature. Once you can identify your conversions you can then identify your your business goals.

Offline Conversions

Although the world may feel like it runs solely online, there are still a great deal of consumer purchases that happen offline and in person. Often, those purchases go unaccounted for in terms of data collection.

In fact, 30% of mobile queries are local searches and 75% of users making a local search will go to a store within 24 hours. That is information you need to have and Google has now made it accessible. You can now get information about where consumers are going to shop following their searches.

YouTube Advertising

When surveyed, consumers prefer video information to text information. Google is not offering the opportunity to place video ads on YouTube – and it is free until they show interest.

Google’s algorithms allow them to only show ads when it is an appropriate time and the user appears ready to make a purchase. This is an ideal opportunity for you to test out the market, as well as the effectiveness of your video, without making a huge financial investment.

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