Here’s What’s Happening With the 2021 Google Update, Core Web Vitals

Worldwide we make, on average, 1.2 trillion Google searches a year. It seems like every day there’s another Google update. These updates are to ensure the best user experience for all those searches.

From time to time, Google’s updates change the ranking factors. This can cause some angst amongst digital marketers and SEO professionals! This is due to fear of the unknown and not knowing whether your years of work to get a page ranking in the first place will be undone.

Don’t worry; we are here to break down the Google update 2021 for you. So when it comes around in June, there won’t be any nasty surprises!

What’s New With the Google Update 2021?

There are many factors taken into consideration by the page ranking algorithm when a search engine ranks a page.

This new update from Google will focus on using the core web vitals when ranking online content. Let’s take a look at what those core web vitals are:

1. Mobile Optimization

About half of internet users access the web via mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you will be penalized. Google will favor sites that load easily on mobile devices.

Take a look at some Google search trends for further ideas on how to optimize your site.

2. Page Speed

The time it takes your webpage to load is another important factor Google takes into consideration when determining page ranking.

Your images and video content need to load within 2.5 seconds of someone clicking on your page. Compress them using a tool like Tinypng to help speed up your page load time.

3. Safety

Google will now put more importance on the safety of your site. Do you use HTTPS or encryption to protect your users’ data and credit card details?

In the security section of your Google Search Console, you can check if your site has been compromised.

4. Intrusive Interstitials

If your site has annoying banners or pop-ups that are hard to get rid of, it interferes with the user getting the information they want from your site. The SERPs will now penalize this.

5. Interactivity

This refers to how easy it is for a user to find what they want on your website. How quickly does the site handle the clicks made by the user? You want the way your user interacts with the site to be as smooth as possible.

6. Visual Stability

Another element that contributes to the user experience is visual stability. This means that when someone scrolls down your site, boxes, or ads don’t pop up; the text doesn’t move around.

Previously you could scroll halfway down a website, an ad would pop up, and you would leave the site. With the new update, sites that do this will go down in the search rankings.

Design Your Site With UX in Mind

The Google update 2021 isn’t a scary change. It is ensuring the user gets the best experience possible. User experience is at the forefront of search criteria; Google wants the searcher to find what they are looking for.

If you design your website with the user in mind, make it fast, easy to navigate, and secure, you will have no problems moving up the SERPs with the new algorithm updates.

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