3 Ways Team Building Activities Can Help to Bring Your Team Together

Studies have found that engaged workers have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. They boost profits by 21%, sales by 20%, and customer satisfaction by 10%.

Yet a majority of employees are still disengaged at work.

One way your business can create an engaged workforce is by having outstanding team building activities. These are designed to connect workers and bring them together, whether it’s a simple ice breaker or a several-day retreat.

Here are three ways that you can make your business a better place to work through team building events.

1. Team Building Leads to Stronger Collaboration

At its core, team building provides a fun, relaxed way for employees to get to know each other before they begin the higher-stakes work at the office.

Collaboration involves your team working together as equals. Research has shown that this is an effective management tool—workers who are free to exchange ideas and respect each other are more productive.

So when employees go on a hike together or go to happy hour together, they become more comfortable with each other. More structured team building like playing games together helps improve communication and requires creative thinking.

When it comes time to problem solve, delegate tasks, and get the job done, your employees will be ready to collaborate.

2. Team Building Events Improve Motivation and Morale

One of the biggest benefits of team building exercises is fostering positive work relationships. Anyone who expects to see their friends when they arrive at work is going to be more motivated.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well. One study found that feeling isolated at work has profound psychological effects.

This is especially important in the age of the virtual workplace. Employers need to find ways to connect their workers and bring them together so that they feel like valued members of the team.

Whether it’s virtual board games, trivia, or another team builder, there are plenty of ways to keep your team engaged with each other.

3. Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

Sometimes the fundamentals are most important—and communication is a foundational piece no business leader can afford to forget about.

The fact is that a team that communicates more effectively with one another will be more productive. Team members who are comfortable with their peers will tell them about any problems they encounter early on, making it more likely that they’ll solve those problems.

Workers who have taken part in team-building together will be more likely to jump on a Zoom call or have a face-to-face meeting with their coworkers. These more personal ways of communicating are more effective than email or texting when discussing complex issues.

They’re also more likely to resolve conflicts quicker. If you feel like you know someone, it’s easier to clear up misunderstandings.

Keeping Your Team Together

The bottom line is that when you invest in team building, you improve retention and boost productivity. You show your workers that you care about them and want them to work well together through team building activities.

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